ShiftUp has responded to the fan outrage.

PlayStation's newest action-adventure game, Stellar Blade, launched on April 26 to a warm reception from critics. Many have praised Stellar Blade's story, combat system, and more, but some fans feel misled by unexpected outfit censorship. The developers released a day one patch, significantly changing multiple in-game outfits and more, much to the dismay of those who purchased the game. As a result, believers in the game have begun a campaign to #FreeStellarBlade.

Stellar Blade adds outfit censorship in the day-one patch

On April 21, the official Stellar Blade account on 'X' released a statement regarding the game's censorship status. The day-one patch refuted that claim despite the studio alleging that all countries will receive the same uncensored version. Players quickly noticed the censorship of various outfits, including the bunny outfit, that looked noticeably different in the Stellar Blade trailers.

Credit: FightstickRookie on Reddit
Credit: FightstickRookie on Reddit

Anyone who preloaded the game on day one of release would have seen the version that ShiftUp presumably intended to release. Unfortunately, for currently unclear reasons, outfits like the one above now appear slightly altered. Additionally, the update addressed offensive graffiti found in-game.

Credit: @moertomore on X
Credit: @moertomore on X

Players have since taken to social media with the hashtag #FreeStellarBlade, and a petition exists for those who want the changes reverted. The petition has garnered over 6,000 signatures, and the game's director has commented on the outrage.

EVE's Cybernetic Bondage outfit in version 1.0 vs version 1.002 (after censorship patch) (Image: @Ramez05)
EVE's Cybernetic Bondage outfit in version 1.0 vs version 1.002 (after censorship patch) (Image: @Ramez05)

ShiftUp responds to the censorship cricitism

In response to a question at a Stellar Blade launch event, the game's director, Hyung-Tae Kim, addressed the outfit censorship, stating the honey rabbit outfit appears as intended in the final game:

"Understandably we also recognize about the issue. However, the final costume that we wanted to show you is indeed the costume in version I want to clarify that is our final product. However, I know this answer is not enough to convice our users. There is an internal discussion ongoing regarding this. So I think we'll have a chance to answer it soon."

Reddit post from Heavymachinegan

Fans theorized that Sony pushed for additional censorship based on this response. However, the corporation has yet to comment on the criticism. Although the game seems unlikely to return to its original state, a loophole exists that allows you to play the original version.\

How to play the original uncensored version of Stellar Blade

The answer is simple: don't update your version of Stellar Blade. As mentioned earlier, patch fixed some issues and added outfit censorship. There is still hope to play if you have a physical copy of the game managed to avoid the patch.

Fans eagerly await an official response from either Sony or Shift Up, but it's unclear if it will ever arrive.

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