Viewers can earn up to eight Murder at Castle Nathria card packs throughout the event.

Hearthstone Grandmasters: Last Call will kick off this weekend and feature a prize pool of $150,000 and a World Championship invite for the seasonal winner! 

How It Works and Where to Watch

The Hearthstone Grandmasters: Last Call tournament will showcase the talents of 16 players. These competitors consist of the top four of each Season 1 region plus the top four players from the first three Hearthstone Masters Tours of 2022. 

Here is the list of Hearthstone players and how they earned a spot in the upcoming tournament:

Advanced From AmericasAdvanced From Asia-PacificAdvanced From EuropeAdvanced From Masters Tour

For a total of four weeks, these players will duke it out against each other on live broadcast. The first three weeks will have competitors put into four groups for some dual-tournament action. The two winners of each group will advance to the Sunday matches. Points will be earned based on the total number of weekly wins, and these points will determine who will head to the playoffs. 

Hearthstone Grandmasters: Last Call information
Hearthstone Grandmasters: Last Call information. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone Grandmasters: Last Call Format

The format for Hearthstone Grandmasters: Last Call will also change on a weekly basis:

  • Week 1: Best of 5 Conquest (July 22 – 24)
  • Week 2: Trio (July 29 – 31)
  • Week 3: Last Hero Standing (August 19 – 21)
  • Week 4 Playoffs: Best of 7 Conquest (August 26 – 31)

According to the announcement, Groups A and C will duel first on the first couple of days and showcase the Asia-Pacific region. Next, Groups B and D will play last on those days and feature players from the Americas. The two winners of each group will make up a top eight for single-elimination matches before the weekly winner gets crowned. 

To catch all the Hearthstone esports action, fans can visit the official Hearthstone YouTube channel. Streams will also be available in Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

Hearthstone Esports also continues to invite talent to the main broadcasts list, which is a trend that began with Hearthstone Grandmasters 2022 Season 1 and was followed by Lobby Legends. So far, the casters for Week 1 have been revealed as RavenSottle, Amy ChenJia, Edelweiss and TJ.

Hearthstone Murder at Castle Nathria artwork
Murder at Castle Nathria artwork. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

How to Get Murder at Castle Nathria Card Packs

Viewers who watch Hearthstone Grandmasters: Last Call live broadcasts can also earn some Murder at Castle Nathria card packs. A total of eight packs can be earned throughout the event by watching content on an eligible YouTube channel. 

  • Week 1: Murder at Castle Nathria (max. 2 packs)
  • Week 2: Murder at Castle Nathria (max. 2 packs)
  • Week 3: Murder at Castle Nathria (max. 2 packs)
  • Week 4 Playoffs: Murder at Castle Nathria (max. 2 packs)

To get the first weekly card pack, all one has to do is watch two hours of gameplay. The second card pack can be earned by watching two more hours. 

Players must also connect their and YouTube accounts to be eligible for these Hearthstone drops. This can be done by visiting the “Connected Apps” section on YouTube and pressing the “Connect” button located beside 

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