Murder at Castle Nathria is almost here and Hearthstone is giving away packs in the form of drops and bundles in the pre-expansion events

Hearthstone fans will be able to start enjoying Murder at Castle Natrhia action while getting drops starting tomorrow July 21st. With a variety of events themed around the expansion, the community will start building the hype. The Murder at Castle Natrhia expansion releases on August 2nd, but keep on reading to find out where to see these Hearthstone premiers while getting Drops and Bundles!

Murder at Castle Nathria Theorycraft event with Drops!
Murder at Castle Nathria Theorycraft event with Drops!

Hearthstone Theorycraft Streams with Drops!

The investigations about the Murder at Castle Natrhia will start with the Hearthstone Theorycraft event with Drops and Giveaways. As we mentioned in our Theorycraft article, several content creators will be given early access to test the new Murder at Castle Natrhia cards.

As part of the celebrations, viewers will get up to two free Hearthstone packs from the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion during the Theorycraft. Furthermore, creators participating will also be giving away Murder at Castle Natrhia Mega-Bundles during their streams.

Make sure you follow your favorite Hearthstone content creators not to miss any action (or any drops). This is the Theorycraft regional schedule:

  • Europe/Americas: July 21, 9am- 3pm (PT), or 3pm-9 pm (PT)
  • Asia-Pacific: July 22, 2 a.m.-7a.m. (PT)

Tale of Murder Most Foul

This Friday 22, Hearthstone Content Creators, Casters, and even some Developers will act out the Murloc Holmes and the Murder at Castle Nathria mystery script By Christie Golden and Brandon Easton.

Murder at Castle Nathria play with Drops active

The cast for this play features:

In addition to this fantastic talent, a special mystery participant will be playing the roles of the Narrator, Murloc Holmes and Dr. Watfin.

The event will start at 10 am PT on Hearthstone’s official Twitch channel, with Murder at Castle Nathria drops active again. Viewers will get a free pack after 30 minutes of watching!

More Hearthstone Drops

As a bonus track, let me tell you that Hearthstone Grandmasters Last Call will begin this weekend and will also have Drops active. There will be 8 packs for the grab during the season. Make sure you check out our viewer’s guide to know where and when to watch.

We are days away from the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion launch and there are still many mysteries to solve. Stay tuned to for guides, decks and everything you need to know about the latest Hearthstone expansion. See you next time, at Castle Nathria


Manuel "Rane" Delgado

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