Murder at Castle Nathria theorycraft event is coming, and Hearthstone content creators are rocking it with the promo-tweets cover image

Murder at Castle Nathria theorycraft event is coming, and Hearthstone content creators are rocking it with the promo-tweets

Check out the new Murder at Castle Nathria cards live in the Hearthstone Theorycrafting event. When and where to watch in this article!

The Hearthstone Theorycraft event for Murder at Castle Nathria expansion will take place next Thursday 21st. Despite the expansion launch date being August 2nd, many content creators will get early access to the new cards coming to Hearthstone in the usual Theorycraft event.

With an expansion themed around murder and mysteries, many creators gave their best to promote the event. Let’s check what to expect next Thursday and some of the best promos out there.

Murder at Castle Natrhia Theorycraft event

As usual, Hearthstone invited several content creators to a special Theorycraft event to promote the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion. The event will start at 9 am PT on the 21st and will include Standard and Wild players.

To highlight the new cards coming to Hearthstone, the Theorycraft event will have some deckbuilding rules:

  • Standard Format: Decks need to include at least 10 Murder at Castle Natrhia cards
  • Wild Format: Decks need to have at least 1 Legendary card from Murder at Castle Natrhia, plus 5 other new expansion cards

The Theorycraft aims to showcase the new Hearthstone mechanics such as Infuse and the new card type Locations. While new archetypes might appear, no one expects the event to “solve the meta”, but to be an introduction to the next expansion.

Content creators creativity

Every content creator likes to promote themselves, especially for these exclusive events. However, some went far and beyond! These are some of the best examples:

BabyBear set up a nice murder scene with Jambre’s help (do you think he is ok?). With Yuuki as her faithful assistant, she will try to solve the Murder at Castle Natrhia. On the other hand, we have Clark, who thought that if an image is worth more than a thousand words, how many words is a video worth?

Following the video trend, we have two amazing Hearthstone content creators from Brazil participating in the Theorycraft that raised the bar. Cerealforme and Nayara both manage to capture the spooky vibes of Castle Natrhia.

Finally, we get the BunnyHoppor Blood on the Clock Tower roleplay. Doing a crossover between the bluffing game and the Murder at Castle Natrhia mystery theme, the German streamer gets on the list for best theorycraft promotion for his creativity.

Make sure to check out your favorite Hearthstone content creators to see if they are participating in the next Murder at Castle Nathria Theorycraft. Stay tuned to Esportsgg for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time at Castle Natrhia