Demon Hunter is getting Relics for Murder at Castle Natrhia Hearthstone expansion. What new synergies do these cards bring?

The new Murder at Castle Nathria Hearthstone expansion hinted with the new Location card that Demon Hunter would have Relics. However, we didn’t know anything about Hearthstone Relics until now. Chris “Feno” Tsako revealed 4 Hearthstone cards related to Demon Hunter Relics, including a legendary. Let’s go over the clues and investigate how they work!


What are the Hearthstone Relics for Demon Hunter?

Some weeks ago, we saw the new Hearthstone card-type Location for Demon Hunter talk about Relics. After an extraordinary reveal by Feno, the Hearthstone community finally knows what Relics are.

Relics are Demon Hunter spells. There are three different Relics in this Hearthstone expansion so far, and the interesting thing is that they synergize with each other. Every time you cast a Relic, the other Relics get boosted.

Hearthstone Relic of Extinction Demon Hunter
New Demon Hunter Relic of Extinction
Hearthstone Relic of Phantasms Demon Hunter
Relic of Phantasms
Hearthstone Relic of Dimensions Demon Hunter
Relic of Dimensions
Relic Vault - Demon Hunter Location
Demon Hunter Location: Relic Vault

While Relics effects don’t seem that powerful for current Hearthstone standards, things are not as they might seem. First of all, if you factor in the new Murder at Castle Nathria Demon Hunter Location, things start to feel better. When you have a Location on board, your Relics cast twice, giving you double their effect and also a double improvement for your future Relics.

The way the Hearthstone team explained Relics improve is the following:

  • Extinction: Increases the amount of damage dealt by 1 after an upgrade  
  • Phantasms: Increases the stats of the Spirits summoned by +1/+1 after each upgrade
  • Dimensions: The cost of the drawn card gets an extra 1 mana reduction after each upgrade

Artificer Xy’mox and Relics

On top of the Relic synergies we mentioned above, there is a key piece missing, the new Hearthstone legendary Artificer Xy’mox. The new Demon Hunter legendary for Murder at Castle Nathria expansion is to Relics what Jace is to Fel spells.

Artificer Xy'mox
Artificer Xy’mox
Infused Artificer Xy'mox
Infused Artificer Xy’mox

Featuring the new Infuse Hearthstone Keyword, Artificer Xy’mox brings incredible support to Relics. When fully Infused, the Legendary casts the three Relics, and Hearthstone devs confirmed that each one upgrades the next one. Check this gameplay for a more visual explanation.

While the Demon Hunter Location does not affect the Artificer Xy’mox, it helps upgrade the relics for it to be a huge tempo swing. The legendary serves as a board clear, develops tempo and gives you extra value by drawing (and discounting) cards. Who would be the first crazy player to pull an Artificer + Brann combo?

It is still unclear the power level Relics will have during the next Murder at Castle Nathria Hearthstone expansion. By themselves, Relics don’t seem like incredible spells. However, seeing the amount of support and synergies they have it shouldn’t be a surprise Relic Demon Hunter becomes a dominant Hearthstone deck.

We will have to wait and see how the next Murder at Castle Nathria shakes the meta. Stay tuned to Esportsgg for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time at Castle Nathria.


Manuel "Rane" Delgado

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