Mario isn’t as thick as Nintendo fans had hoped for in Super Mario Bros. Movie cover image

Mario isn’t as thick as Nintendo fans had hoped for in Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is getting a trailer later this week. But the community is quite shocked at what they saw (or didn’t see) in the movie poster.

Nintendo recently announced an upcoming Nintendo Direct that will include the world premiere of the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer. But a movie poster revealed that Mario isn't as shapely as fans previously believed.

This will be the first time that the Nintendo community will be able to find out more about the Super Mario Bros. Movie's potential plot, making it a pretty exciting Nintendo Direct despite the lack of game news. So far, fans only know that there are questionable celebrity voice actors behind the iconic Nintendo characters, although they haven't even heard them in action either.

Despite the initial hype about finally getting their first glimpse at Illumination's take on the Mario universe, there's already something glaring that can't be ignored.

In the movie poster released by Nintendo of America earlier today, Mario can be seen looking ahead at a colorful, Toad-filled city that's most likely Mushroom Kingdom, with Peach's castle up on a hill above them. But this has given fans a glimpse at Mario's backside and it's left the community flabbergasted.

Is this really a true Mario adaptation or another hack job like most of the recent video game-inspired movies and TV shows? Is this really accurate to the iconic video game character and his games? Can it be, when it doesn't even look like the Mario most fans see when he's running across a map, facing Bowser, or playing Mario Party.

This isn't MY Mario.

Luckily, one brave Mario fan spent time making a true rendition of Mario, depicting how the community pictured him all this time. This is the Mario the fanbase actually deserves and the one that Illumination was too afraid to put in the film. But what are you afraid of, Illumination? Does Mario's thick booty offend you? Are you jealous?

Some of the replies include:

  • God bless you.
  • Thank you.
  • That's the kind of dumpy I'm used to seeing from Mario 64.

The usual.

Mario fans react to the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer reveal and poster

Despite Illumination's disgraceful Mario design, the community is quite excited for the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer reveal on October 6 based on the rest of the poster. The colorful environment and the accurate appearance of the Toads has left people feeling hopeful that the movie will largely be accurate to the games.

So far, the Nintendo community is excited for the trailer premiere. The poster has been compared to the visuals in Mario Odyssey, giving it a bit more clout than previously anticipated.

For now, however, fans will have to wait a few days to finally catch a glimpse of Mario in action.