ShiftUp Studios has yet to officially announce the names of the voice actors for Stellar Blade, but we already recognize a few of them from the trailers.

Stellar Blade is finally out on PlayStation 5 and is one of the biggest exclusive releases of the year. Developed by Korean studio Shift Up, the game's primary language will be Korean. English dubbing is also confirmed as the game is already very popular among global audiences. The game features a talented cast of voice actors across multiple languages.

Who are the voice actors for Stellar Blade?

The Korean cast for Stellar Blade features voice actors who are popularly known for dubbing Korean voices for characters in some major AAA titles, alongside some local voice acting projects for games from Korean studios.

Image Source: @ShiftUpWorld on Twitter, ShiftUp Studios
Image Source: @ShiftUpWorld on Twitter, ShiftUp Studios

Ri-Na Park (Korean: 박리나) is going to voice EVE in the Korean dubbed version of Stellar Blade. She has otherwise voiced minor roles in some significant titles such as Genshin Impact and World of Warcraft. She was also a voice actor for Cleopatra in Destiny Child, another Shift Up game which is now defunct and was an online title.

Image Source: @ShiftUpWorld on Twitter, ShiftUp Studios
Image Source: @ShiftUpWorld on Twitter, ShiftUp Studios

Jae-heon Jeong (Korean: (정재헌) will be the Korean voice of Adam in Stellar Blade. Adam is a character who will play a supporting role to the protagonist in the game. He's a better known voice actor in the gaming industry than Ri-Na Park, known for being the voice of Imperius in the Korean dub for Diablo 3.

English Voice
Korean Voice
Eve-Ri-Na Park
AdamNezar AlderaziJae-Heon Jeong
LillyRosie Jones-
TachyAlexandra Constantinidi-
RoxaneDev Joshi-
D1G-g2rAkie Kotabe-
RavenDíana Bermudez-
KayaHolly Earl-
EnyaMeaghan Martin-
MannGeorge Weightman-
Mother SphereGeorgina Jane-
BarryTom Clarke Hill-
RaelLaila Pyne-
OrcalStephen Schreiber-
SuAdam Sims-
KasimAndrew Wheildon-Dennis-
ClydeJohn Hopkins-
The English and Korean voice actors for Stellar Blade

The voice actors for French, German, Spanish, and Italian have yet to be confirmed.

Do we know the names of the English voice actors?

While it isn't confirmed, we do hear some recognizable voices in the English trailers for the game.

Image Source: IMDB, ShiftUp
Image Source: IMDB, ShiftUp

Rosie Jones is the voice of Lilly, as recognized in the official pre-order trailer for Stellar Blade. A popular figure in the voice acting industry, Rosie is known as the voice of Tesleen in FFXIV’s Shadowbringers expansion. Additionally, she has also voiced Bex, Nadira, and a few other NPCs in Baldur's Gate 3.

Image Source: IMDB, ShiftUp
Image Source: IMDB, ShiftUp

Nezar Alderazi is the voice actor for Adam in Stellar Blade. His popular roles include a supporting appearance in the 2021 film, The Mauritanian. Additionally, he has also voiced several characters in video games such as Assassin's Creed Mirage, Horizon: Forbidden West and Jurassic World Evolution 2. Of course, Stellar Blade is his most prominent role as a voice actor, with Adam playing a prominent role in the game's story.

Stellar Blade released on April 26 for the Playstation 5 and is available for purchase on the PlayStation store..

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