Skull and Bones went down for maintenance to issue update 1.5, and its patch notes are loaded with fixes, tweaks, and additions.

Skull and Bones is still full of threats for you and other pirates to tackle in the Indian Ocean. The game has received content update after content update, and now other maintenance period delivered the Skull and Bones 1.5 patch.

The patch went live at 7 p.m. PT on April 22. It delivered some anticipated fixes and tweaks to the game's UI. It also brought back some foes for you to face as you sail the sea.

All Skull and Bones maintenance patch notes for update 1.5

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Seasonal rewards

  • Players who reach Diamond tier by the end of the current season will be eligible for vanity set 'Gilded Sin' Set

Activities and events

  • Relocated the activities notification to the right side of the screen over the tracker widget.
    • Tracker widget will disappear when the notification is visible.
    • Loot notification appear up and pushes old notifications down.
    • Included new notification for PVP encounters.
  • Only 1 notification will be displayed for all new available Empire Opportunities
    • Players may select the "Empire Opportunities" notification to expand the Helm Overview to view the new opportunities available on the map.
  • Zamaharibu and Rode Maangodin returns to the Indian Ocean from April 23 onwards, up till the end of Season 1
    • Previously, players had to complete "From the Deep" contract before being able to pick up the bounty contract "Jaws of Retribution". After the update, players who are at Kingpin Infamy Tier will be eligible to pick up "Jaws of Retribution" contract from the Sainte-Anne or Telok Penjarah bounty board while the activity is scheduled.
    • Previously, players had to complete "Oceans Apart" contract before being able to pick up the bounty contract "Anguish from the Abyss". After the update, players who are at Kingpin Infamy Tier will be eligible to pick up "Anguish from the Abyss" contract from the Sainte-Anne or Telok Penjarah bounty board while the activity is scheduled.
  • Updated number of Rode Maangodin clone ships to a maximum of 4 at any one time, even when players are grouped up while attempting "Anguish of the Abyss" bounty contract.
  • Increase world activity timer from 10 to 12 minutes for solo players attempting to engage in the La Peste world activity.
  • Added a cooldown period penalty for players that leave Hostile Takeover and Helm Wager after the activity begins.
    • Hostile Takeover: Upon leaving the activity midway, the player would not be able to join any Hostile Takeover opportunities in the next 20 mins.
    • Helm Wager: Upon leaving the activity midway, the player would not be able to join any Helm Wager opportunities in the next 30 mins.
  • Players can earn up to a maximum of 350k Pieces of Eight after successfully completing a Helm Wager.
    • i.e player carries 600k Po8, starts and completes Helm Wager, they earn up to 350k Po8 for a total of 950k Po8.

Multiplayer (co-op)

  • Increase Call-for-Help distance range from the local region to server-wide. Increased from 5000m >32000m.
  • Increase persistent duration of the Call-for-Help notification from 60 sec > 300 sec.


  • Fixed an issue where Players participating in a PvP activity with the PvP flag off could not heal other players with the flag off and not participating in a PvP activity.
  • Increased damage dealt by Rempah towers so they pose more challenge to players of similar Ship Rank.

The Helm and Empire overview

  • Fixed an issue where the unfunded Manufactory continues to produce Pieces of Eight.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect 'Supply run' material was displayed on tooltip of the Empire Management upgrade "Discounted Supply Materials".
  • Fixed an issue where an inaccurate production rate for Pieces of Eight is displayed when player tries to fund any Manufactory after exiting the game.

Inventory and storage

  • Contract items will no longer use up inventory slots.
  • Fixed an issue where excess quest items could not be removed from the player's inventory after completing the contracts.

Text and voice chat

  • Updated voice and text chat in-game feedback in compliance with Ubisoft Player Safety Guidelines. Players can now choose to customize chat privacy settings through their ubisoft account page.


  • Fixed an issue where the contract tracker does not update to "Deliver: Plaguebringer Captain head" for 'Peste Control' contract.
  • Fixed an issue where "Anguish from the Abyss" bounty contract did not correctly end upon after a player group took down Rode Maangodin.
  • Fixed an issue where players cannot progress with the contract "The Arms Of Night" as "Van Kinckel's schemes" objective item was missing from inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where the contract "Hell's Blacksmith" cannot be completed because the player is able to hand over Ornate cannon outside of the contract.
  • Fixed an issue where the player cannot find the Usurper Leader in the contract "Nightfall Missives".
  • Fixed an issue where the DMC Patroller did not spawn during the contract "Twilight Keepers".
  • Fixed an issue where players are unable to interact with the crate should they interact with it without reading the 'Kinckel's Scheme' to progress with the contract "The Arms of Night".
  • Fixed a bug where the 2 Plaguebringer captains' heads is not correctly removed from the players' inventory after turning them in for the contract "Peste Control".


  • Fixed an issue where the "Interact" prompt was unavailable when player was in combat at various forts.
  • Fixed an issue where players will get stuck when talking to the Carpenter in Sainte-Anne first.
  • Fixed an issue where the player to get stuck in the Vanity Atelier upon repeatedly pressing 'close' while on the captain customization screens.


  • Fixed an issue where the weekly reset visually occurred a day early in the weekly leaderboard.
  • Fixed end-of-season reward string showing as invalid ID on the Leaderboard.
  • Fixed an issue affecting some players where Sovereigns were not being awarded to affected players that met achievement reward conditions.

UI and notifications

  • Updated world event map markers to display on the edge of the map.
  • Updated Call-for-Help indicators to be displayed on the edge of the map edge when Call for Help is initiated.
  • Fixed an issue where the notification 'Pieces of Eight secured' pops up when the player who had accepted Helm Wager is sunk and respawns at sea.
  • Updated the 'dismiss' option for the Helm Wager opportunity from press to hold.
  • Fixed an issue where player cannot mark another player's ship on map whose PVP setting is 'On'.
  • Fixed an issue where Store Preview is stuck in infinite loading for "First Mate Whiskers" in seasonal tab.
  • Fixed an issue where the player can claim Smuggler Pass rewards before completing the prerequisite contract to interact with the NPC William Blackwood.
  • Mitigated an issue where player is unable to interact with game menus, objects and/or NPCs after collecting mail from mailbox and sprinting.
  • Fixed an issue where player will get stuck on black screen while repeatedly presses 'select 'and 'back' button in Settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing Premium Pass using Battle Pass Tokens causes an error when purchasing the Premium Pass Bundle.
  • Fixed an issue where player receives notification 'Cannot afford more' while buying items in the Black Market despite having enough Pieces of Eight
  • Fixed the low-resolution icon of the 'White Skull Rum' when collecting the finished product from the Distillery.
  • Fixed the missing Contract icon for the contract item "van Kinckel's orders" letter for the contract 'Twilight Keepers'.
  • Fixed "Serpentine Slaughter" ship vanity icon to display the two-headed version for depicted for medium-sized ships.

Localization and text

  • Fixed the incorrect text in the Empire Overview screen from "Season" to "Resets in".
  • Fixed an incorrect description for Ouroboros Armor to "heals 15% of damage braced" instead of "15% of hull health".
  • Fixed various localization issues in the Store.
  • Fixed a localisation issue where certain characters were displayed as "??" in the Maintenance notice.
  • Fixed an issue where translated text is missing for "End of season reward" on Seasonal Leaderboards when menu language is changed to other than English.
  • Updated various localization text.
  • [Codex] Removed descriptions and hints regarding the Carronade weapon from the Codex and the Blacksmith crafting screen.
  • [Codex] Percentage symbol is displayed twice on 'Offensive' and 'Utility' furniture tooltips in codex under Knowledge tab.
  • [Codex] Removed an unobtainable note displayed under the Telok Penjarah Knowledge menu.

Other fixes for Skull and Bones update 1.5

  • Fixed a crash that occurs after fast travelling multiple times.
  • Fixed potential crash when archives have been read, and subsequently unspawned.
  • Fixed potential crash when status effect expires.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after interacting with the "Embark" option after accepting the "First Blood" contract.
  • Fixed a server crash due to during outpost refresh, player with helm orders, quit the game or abandon the helm orders.
  • Fixed an issue where player will get stuck with loading screen after quitting the store menu opened by gold-purchased cosmetic items.
  • Fixed an issue where player gets stuck in a black screen at the settings menu after changing the subtitle language.
  • [Ubisoft Connect] Fixed an issue where the 'Time Limited Challenges' does not display progress.
  • [Ubisoft Connect] Fixed an issue where users are not informed about chat restrictions after changing the consent type.
  • Fixed an issue where the sails on a Brigantine would be distorted in the Docking screen.
  • Fixed an issue where a toggle glitch occurs when the player switches the setting for Microphone Input Device and Voice Chat Mode.
  • Robotic Voice is heard for a Crew Bark that is triggered during combat when audio is set to German.
  • General improvements to Matchmaking and re-matchmaking upon initial failure.
  • [Controls] Fixed an issue where the Playstation controller inputs affected in-game controls while Ubisoft Connect overlay is open.

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