Skull and Bones Season 1’s first in-season patch notes offer a look at upcoming content and quick fixes cover image

Skull and Bones Season 1’s first in-season patch notes offer a look at upcoming content and quick fixes

Ubisoft has published patch notes for the first in-season update of Skull and Bones Season 1, detailing various fixes and upcoming content.

Skull and Bones Season 1: Raging Tides is off to a great start. It has many pirates invested in the war against the plagued Philippe La Peste. Ubisoft recognizes that, and wants to ensure smooth sailing. That brings us to the first Skull and Bones Season 1 in-season patch notes.

The game goes down for maintenance at 12 a.m. PT on March 1. An estimated hour of downtime is expected, but you'll join back in to some quick fixes the team noticed. They've also dished out a look at seasonal content that you can look forward to.

Upcoming Skull and Bones Season 1 content

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

While players already know the majority of the content, Ubisoft has revealed dates for what is happening in Skull and Bones Season 1. Here's a look at what's on its way and when:

  • Tides of Terror: Battle Philippe La Peste and his fleet across the various regions of the Indian Ocean.
    • Coast of Africa from February 27 - March 12
    • Red Isles from March 12 - March 26
    • East Indies from March 26 - April 9
    • Open Seas from April 9 - April 30 and May 1 - May 28
  • The Blighted Bastion: La Peste's final stand occurs April 16 - May 28.
  • New Merchant Convoys are set to appear throughout the season along the world's trade routes.
  • The Opwelling - New DMC World Event
    • March 5 - 12
    • March 19 - 26
    • April 30 - May 7
  • Jaws of Retribution - New Sea Monster
    • March 5 - 26
    • May 21 - 28
  • The Mizerja - New Fara Elite Warship World Event
    • April 2 - 9
    • April 16 - 23
    • May 14 - 28
  • Anguish from the Abyss - New Ghost Ship
    • March 26 - April 16
    • May 21 - 28

It's a lot of rotating content for Skull and Bones Season 1 that should keep things exciting. The developers also want to note the new ship that arrived with the season, the Barque. The healing-focused ship is part of the free track of the Smuggler Pass.

Fixes and improvements from the first in-season Skull and Bones Season 1 patch notes

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

A load of fixes are arriving with the maintenance for Skull and Bone's first Season 1 in-season patch:

  • The threat caused by Ambushers (Rogues and Plaguehunters).
    • Rogues & Plaguehunters should be automatically de-spawning when their target enters “out of combat” mode.
    • Reduction of the aggressive behavior of the Rogue Ambushers and the La Peste Plaguehunters.
      • They will disengage after a shorter period of time once you enter a den’s safe zone. They will also stop pursuing you if you manage to create a significant distance with them, and they will focus on the player that triggered them unless you attack them.
    • The spawn rate of Plague Prince as a reinforcement has also been reduced from 50% to 25% chance.
      • You will need more Plaguebringer Captain’s Heads to reach the maximum spawn rate and their spawn frequency has been reduced.
      • When at the lowest level of hostility, increased the spawn intervals from 200s to 360s.
        To reach the max level of hostility, you will now require 10 heads instead of 7. The spawn interval will remain at 90s.
  • Scaled the difficulty of Rogue Ambushers.
    • The ship rank of the Rogue ships spawning will be proportionate to the number of Pieces of Eights you carry.
      • SR 9 for 1-399 Pieces of Eight
      • SR 10 for 400-2499 Pieces of Eight
      • SR 11 for 2500-14999 Pieces of Eight
      • SR 12 for 15000+ Pieces of Eight
  • Fixed a bug where only La Peste Plaguehunters were spawning as reinforcements when player carry Pieces of Eight. After the update, either Rogue Ambushers and La Peste Plaguehunters may spawn as reinforcements when players carry Pieces of Eight.
    • In addition, all Rogue Ambushers should now drop loot.
  • Improvements and changes made to PvP activities (Helm Wager/Cutthroat Cargo).
    • Speed debuffs which affects the player carrying the item.
      • Maximum ship speed reduced by 20%.
        • 5% for Helm Wagers.
      • Stamina depletion speed increased by 150%.
  • Quality of Life Improvments
    • Changed the way weapons are sorted in the menu
      • Currently equipped in the slot (first)
      • Currently equipped in other slots on the ship (second)
      • Not equipped to anything (third)
      • Equipped on other ships (last)
  • Player’s name display
    • Made improvements to the way players’ name display to ensure they are always readable no matter the background image.
  • Server Stability
    • Improving the server stability with the update, which should significantly improve your experience playing the game.
  • Change to the automated ban criteria
    • Made some improvements and changes to prevent abuse of the reporting tool and avoid players getting banned unfairly.
  • Vocal and text chat disabled in game
    • Unfortunately unable to reactivate the chat and voice features in the game yet as there is still a need to fully resolve the technical issue that forced the deactivation of them.

And there you have it. A massive list of improvements that they either know of, or have fixed with the upcoming Skull and Bones Season 1 in-season patch.

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