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Everything in the Skull and Bones Season 1 Smuggler Pass

Known as Raging Tides, Skull and Bones Season 1 is here with a jam-packed Smuggler Pass, it’s version of a Battle Pass.

Skull and Bones Season 1 has arrived. Known as Raging Tides, you'll face a new threat in the form of Philippe La Pest and his fleet of plague bringers. And the best way to defeat this pesky pirate is with items from the Skull and Bones Season 1 Smuggler Pass.

It is the game's version of a Battle Pass. There are three different tracks that you can move through in any way you'd like. Ship blueprints, powerful weapons, and a slew of cosmetics await you in the very first Smuggler Pass.

How to access the Skull and Bones Season 1 Smuggler Pass

As soon as you load into Skull and Bones Season 1 for the first time, William Blackwood will post up near the docks of Sainte-Anne. You can visit him at any time to access the Skull and Bones Season 1 Smuggler Pass. Just interact with him to start the conversation.

He will bring you up to speed about why he's there and about Philippe La Peste coming to the region. After all of that, you'll see his available contracts and be given the option to access the Smuggler Pass. For absolutely free.

There is a Premium Pass you can buy with a Smuggler's Token from the game's Store. One is included with the Premium Edition of the game, or you can spend real money to buy the pirate-themed Battle Pass. This gives you some bonus items, but is not necessary to at least earn some rewards.

How to earn rewards in the Skull and Bones Season 1 Smuggler Pass

When you view the Smuggler Pass for Skull and Bones Season 1, you can access the rules. The game does a great job of explaining exactly how it works. You earn Smuggler's Marks, which are then used to unlock rewards in the Pass.

One Mark is obtained when you gain 1,000 Smuggler's Points, done by increasing your Infamy, doing contracts for Blackwood, or completing challenges. Challenges refresh every week, and you'll get bonus Smuggler's Points for completing all within a single week.

Every reward in the Skull and Bones Season 1 Smuggler Pass

There are three tracks available in the Skull and Bones Season 1 Smuggler Pass. Each one has a variety of free and premium rewards. You'll use your Smuggler's Marks to add the reward to your collection and move down the track.

You'll find Quartermaster, which focuses more on lively cosmetics, Gunner Master which focuses on clothing options and weapons, and Shipmaster which is more dark and gritty cosmetics.

Then after it all, you get two bonus rewards for completion, which is the first thing you see when you enter the Smuggler Pass section of the game. This does require the Premium Pass version, however.


  • The Barque Bundle
  • Skelly Welly


  • Storm Gutter
  • Midnight Currents (Premium)
  • Torsion Spring x5
  • Touch of the Deep (Premium)
  • Sterile Galley 1
  • Hadal Green (Premium)
  • Water Barrel
  • Sunken Sailor (Premium)
  • Repair Kit III x10
  • Gold x100 (Premium)
  • Unfettered
  • Leviathan (Premium)
  • Ride the Tempest
  • The Elder Vane (Premium)
  • Joinery Workshop I
  • Wounded Pride
  • The Lambent Deep (Premium)
  • Vibing (Premium)
  • Gold x100 (Premium)
  • La Potence Schematics I
  • Dagon's Reach (Premium)
  • Villainous Intent
  • Embrace the Depths (Premium)
  • The Salty Beard (Premium)
  • Eels' Twine x5
  • Dead God's Embrace (Premium)
  • Mark of the Old One (Premium)
  • Aqua Vitae
  • Gold x100 (Premium)
  • Pieces of Eight x1000

Gunner Master

  • Powdered Bone
  • Blood & Flames (Premium)
  • Shark Skirts (Premium)
  • Skinned Trousers (Premium)
  • Tide at Half-Past
  • Hardened Lorica (Premium)
  • Dead Man's Boots (Premium)
  • To the Depths
  • Fashioned Braces (Premium)
  • Gold x100 (Premium)
  • Chain of Pearls (Premium)
  • Belt of Teeth (Premium)
  • Repair Bombard III
  • Shark's Teeth Boots (Premium)
  • Skin Walkers
  • Summit
  • Coral Belt (Premium)
  • Scaled Vest (Premium)
  • Gilded Skull (Premium)
  • Gold x100 (Premium)
  • The Marsh Plastron (Premium)
  • Last Sky Witnessed
  • Hammerhead Crown
  • Green Pearl Bounty (Premium)
  • Torpedo III
  • Crab Vambraces (Premium)
  • At Dusk's Limit
  • Pieces of Eight x500
  • Gold x100 (Premium)
  • Carronade x2


  • Hellbent
  • Tan Lines (Premium)
  • Rubber x5
  • Grinner's Sheets (Premium)
  • Duel of the Gods
  • Blood & Tar (Premium)
  • Hoist Your Sails
  • The Iron Grin (Premium)
  • Head Trauma
  • Gold x100 (Premium)
  • La Forteresse I
  • Barbarian King (Premium)
  • Seagrass and Ash
  • Billy Feathers (Premium)
  • Scrimshaw
  • Maiden of the Sea
  • Boar Faced George (Premium)
  • Death O' the Sun (Premium)
  • Gold x100 (Premium)
  • Wailing Ward
  • The Nest Infernal (Premium)
  • Clawed Fury
  • Engorged Tusks (Premium)
  • Blood God's Helm (Premium)
  • Lichen and Loam
  • The Previous Dude (Premium)
  • Oh No
  • Pieces of Eight x500
  • Gold x100 (Premium)
  • Sun and Slate

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