Achievement hunters and trophy collectors look no further, we’ve got all of them for Skull and Bones listed for you.

Skull and Bones is not just a PC title. It is also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. That means there are plenty of achievements and trophies to unlock in Skull and Bones. If you want to get the jump on them, we've got each one for you.

Every Skull and Bones achievement and trophy

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

There are 50+ Skull and Bones achievements and trophies. There's also a hidden one available at launch. Of course, with PlayStation having an extra trophy for unlocking every trophy in the game, you'll find yourself with one less achievement on Xbox systems.

Here's a list of each one you can unlock to bolster your trophy collection or your Gamerscore:

  • Hello, World!: Greet players with an "Ahoy!" from the quick-chat option in a server chat room.
  • Home of Compagnie Royale: Spyglass or interact with La Bastide.
  • It's More Fun Together!: Complete 5 shared contracts.
  • Pirates, Assemble!: Group up with two other players during gameplay.
  • Home of Clan Fara: Spyglass or interact with Ankohonana.
  • The Explorer: Activate a pirate's bonfire on 3 outposts.
  • Home of Sea People: Spyglass or interact with Tenina Town.
  • Wood Collector: Harvest wood in 3 regions.
  • The Poacher: Hunt down at least 1 of each hostile wildlife, with a spear only.
  • The People's Person: Talk to 20 interactable non-player characters.
  • East Indies Explorer: Explore all zones in the East Indies.
  • Battle Royale: Defeat 5 ships without leaving the Open Seas region.
  • Red Isle Explorer: Explore all zones in the Red Isle.
  • Coast of Africa Explorer: Explore all zones in the Coast of Africa.
  • Banished Admiral: Meet Admiral Rahma.
  • The Silencer: Destroy a flare weak point to interrupt a ship from firing flares.
  • Why Fight When We Can Negotiate?: Hide from attackers in a safe zone.
  • Not Today: Sink an enemy ship while having 5% HP or lower.
  • Open Seas Explorer: Explore all zones in the Open Seas.
  • Cook Pirates: Cook 15 dishes.
  • In-spear-rational: Deal 3000 damage to towers using a spear.
  • Just for Fun: Defeat an enemy and leave the zone without looting.
  • Go Overboard: Finish an enemy with a crew boarding.
  • The Mime: Show your gratitude to any NPC after talking to them.
  • Water Party: Successfully plunder a location in stormy weather.
  • Hitman: Sink a Privateer.
  • I Can See My House From Here!: Crest a rogue wave.
  • Metal Collector: Harvest metal in 3 regions.
  • After a Long Day of Sailing: Dance to a song performed by musicians in Sainte-Anne.
  • But You Have Heard of Me: Reach "Cutthroat" Infamy rank.
  • Duty Free: Discover a smuggler's hideout.
  • First Come, First Served: Successfully capture your first Manufactory.
  • Home of the Dominion of Rempah: Spyglass or interact with Suny.
  • When We Raid, It Pours: Loot a total of 50000 Silver of item value from enemy ships.
  • Rags to Riches: Wear an outfit worth more than 5000 Silver.
  • Sharing is Caring: Trade items with at least 3 players.
  • Skull and Jute: Harvest 10000 pieces of jute in total.
  • Mainland Pirate: Reach Sainte-Anne.
  • Ship Captain: Build your first ship.
  • Turtle Up!: Equip your ship with armor.
  • There You Are!: Scan an object from a long distance (1400m+).
  • Just Business: Meet John Scurlock.
  • Why is the Brandy Always Gone?: Sell all your brandy.
  • Porcupine: Hit enemy ships with a spear 100 times.
  • Home of Dutch Merchant Company: Spyglass or interact with Oosten Capital.
  • Derby: In total, deal 30000 of collision (ram) damage to other ships.
  • Home of the Confederation of Ungwana: Spyglass or interact with Jiwe.
  • Fiber Collector: Harvest fiber in 3 regions.
  • Magellan: Sail 1000000 meters.

With a roadmap in place for Skull and Bones, there's a chance that more achievements and trophies are added to the game. Additional content is on the way in its first year after release, so it would make sense that you can unlock more trophies or up your Gamerscore from whatever newness arrives.

PS5 only trophies

Here is the one trophy exclusive to PS5:

  • Pirate Legend: Unlock all trophies to receive this Platinum Trophy on PlayStation 5.

Hidden/Secret trophies and achievements

Here is the singular secret trophy/achievement at the game's launch:

  • Lunar Effect: Stare at the full moon for 10 seconds while on land to uncover this hidden achievement/trophy.

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