A Year 1 roadmap for Skull and Bones provides a look at what you can expect as you sail the sail the Indian Ocean for treasure and triumph.

At the time of writing, there is less than a month left until Skull and Bones. The Ubisoft pirate-themed adventure has plenty of would be swashbucklers excited. They're growing that excitement now, with a Skull and Bones Year 1 roadmap and look at end-game activities.

It is rare that a roadmap arrives for a game before it launches. Developers often let players dive in for a short while before delivering a look at what's to come. So kudos to Ubisoft for putting together a trailer that showcases a year's worth of content before release. Let's take a look.

Skull and Bones Year 1 roadmap includes four seasons of content

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

Your goal in Skull and Bones is to become the most infamous pirate in the Indian Ocean. You'll do that by finding treasure, sinking ships in naval battles, and overthrowing already well-known pirate lords. That's what the first year of content and endgame provides.

Four seasons are on the Skull and Bones Year 1 roadmap. Each one introduces a new pirate for you to become familiar with, and eventually take down to reap their riches and expand your empire:

  • Season 1: Raging Tides
  • Season 2: Chorus of Havoc
  • Season 3: Into the Dragon's Wake
  • Season 4: Shadows of the Deep

Each season will feature a buildup towards the final fight with the pirate lord. You'll have to take on more and more of their fleet, until the conclusion where the mighty pirate awaits you for a fierce war on the sea.

Endgame content features new world events, limited-time events, and a leaderboard

Throughout the seasons detailed in the Skull and Bones Year 1 roadmap will be loads of endgame additions. New world events and limited-time events will arrive, giving you bigger warships to take on and creatures only known to be the stuff of legends until you find them on your journey.

On top of that, you'll look to build a pirating empire. You can overtake different locations for profit, such as areas to create contraband, lumberyards, and more. This is how you will increase your cashflow in order to have the strongest ship possible.

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

Our last look at endgame content in the Skull and Bones Year 1 roadmap is its leaderboard. The game has an infamy system, and the more infamous you are, the higher you rank among other real players. Ranks reset each season, giving everyone their chance at becoming a pirate king.

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