Create an unstoppable fleet of ships when you add and invite your friends to play alongside you in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones is quite the maritime adventure. The notoriety of your pirate character is completely up to you. And of course, that can garner the attention of others. So, why not add a friend or two, invite them to a group, and play Skull and Bones as a party?

You can't be on the same ship, but you can become quite the powerful fleet. If you come across a player or have a friend jumping into the game, set sail alongside them. That will help you overwhelm and overcome just about any obstacle the Indian ocean sets in front of you.

How to add to friends and invite them to play in Skull and Bones

There are three ways you can add someone as a friend in Skull and Bones, in order to invite them and play:

Through the world

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This is the most obvious method in the game. Here's how to do some from simply walking around and spotting another pirate:

  1. Approach another player while on land, such as Sainte-Anne, a treasure map location, or an outpost
  2. Alternatively, you can use the spyglass while sailing to spot another player-manned ship
  3. Hold the interact button to open Player Options
  4. Select to Send Friend Request or Invite to Group
  5. Simply press the Interact button beforehand to invite them to a group right away instead of opening Player Options

Through the Social menu

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The Social Menu is your next tool when it comes to adding and inviting friends and other players in Skull and Bones:

  1. Open the text chat box, which is N on Keyboard
  2. Press F3 on your keyboard or select the icon with three people at the bottom left of the chat box
  3. Find who you want to add and invite in Skull and Bones from the World menu or the Recently Met menu
  4. Select Invite to Group or Send Friend Request
  5. Alternatively, if your friend is already added, you can go to the Groups & Friends tab to see if they are online and invite them from there

Through Ubisoft Connect

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

The final way you can add friends to play Skull and Bones with is through Ubisoft Connect:

  1. Go to Ubisoft's Website
  2. Login to your Ubisoft account
  3. Click the icon of two people near the top right of the page
  4. Click on Add friends
  5. Type in the player name of the friend you want to add
  6. Send the friend request
  7. Once accepted, you can find them on the Groups & Friends tab of Skull and Bones to invite them to play

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