Sweetdreams once again proved why he is the best IGL in Apex Legends with a big victory in the NickMercs Gauntlet. Teamed with Drac and Golden, they overcame a slow start to secure a big win.

Sweetdreams, alongside Drac and SIlencedGolden took home an impressive victory in the MFam Gauntlet. The tournament, hosted by the legendary NickMercs featured 20 teams with a mix of content creators and pro players.

With a huge $30k on the line, competition was fierce between the teams. Host NickMercs was competing alongside Dezignful and Gentrifying from G2. Reigning ALGS Champions Hal and Reps were also partnered up alongside Rambro.

Sweetdreams proves again why he is the best IGL in the world

This victory was yet another impressive result for Sweetdreams in content creator tournaments. The 22 year old from Kansas is unrivalled when it comes to leading players in these mixed tournaments.

While there are other strong IGLs in the Apex scene, such as ImperialHal, Hakis and Dezignful - none can form people into a strong team instantly like Sweet can. In the Apex scene, teams practice and scrim for endless hours to work out kinks, clashes and mistakes. However, Sweet and his specific IGL style allows him to turn two players into a strong team instantly.

Sweets community tournament results

These results in community tournaments are unrivalled, with consistent showings no matter who the team is. Every single one of those tournaments was a top 5 finish, with different teammates. In the Royale Random Rumble, Sweet had a different team each game.

It is no wonder that Drac drafted Sweet to lead his team. He makes those around him play to their maximum.

Time mix up leads to slow start

Drac revealed to casters Fallout and Guyblaze that their slow start was due to a miscommunication about when the event started.

Drac revealed that Sweetdreams had no time to warmup, and only arrived 5 minutes before the event started. This explains why they secured just 9 points in the first 3 games.

Amazing comeback led by Sweetdreams

However, once Sweetdreams got into the zone, they were unstoppable.

They earned an incredible 60 points in 3 games to steal victory from Tfue, Dooplex and Skittlecakes. To put into picture just how strong those 3 games were, those 3 games would've secured them 2nd place on their own. Their final game in which they secured 25 points was the second-best of any team in the whole tournament.

Even with Sweetdreams knocked, Drac and Golden were able to clean up in the final ring, securing the win and completing a fantastic comeback.

ItzTimmy and team drops a 28 point game, takes 3rd

FPS legend ItzTimmy, partnered with Pro League winner LouStreams and Keoon dropped an incredible 28 point game on their way to a respectable 3rd place.

On their way to the victory in Game 5, team Timmy denied the eventual champions Drac, Sweetdreams and Golden the win with an amazing bubble fight.

The amazing play in the bubble proved exactly why he is so favored in the competitive meta at the moment.

[esports_link url="https://esports.gg/guides/apex-legends/analysis-gibraltar-pick-rate-apex-legends/"]

The fortified legend was a 100% pick in the NA ALGS Playoffs on Sunday. Dancing around the bubble, Keoon took full advantage of Gibraltars ability and closed out what was an incredible game for the team. Their 16 kills was the most any team dropped in a single game. They took home $4,500 for their efforts and will be pleased with their performance.

Sweetdreams leads Top 5:

  • Sweetdreams - 69
  • Tfue - 64
  • iiTzTimmy - 51
  • Nokokopuffs - 50
  • Genburten - 47

Full standings here.

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