Sentinels win NA Apex Legends Pro League (Final day recap) cover image

Sentinels win NA Apex Legends Pro League (Final day recap)

Sentinels won an incredibly close Pro League, as 6 gameweeks culminated on Sunday. They were closely followed by NRG. Both teams will be strong favourites for the playoffs.

The final gameday of the NA Apex Legends Pro League ended on a knife edge. Several teams were fighting to either secure playoff places or avoid relegation to the Challenger circuit. There was also a three-way race for first place, with NRG, ESA and Sentinels all within touching distance of the win.

With both lobbies playing at once, there was incredible tension and drama as the first-ever Apex Legends Pro League came to a close.

Sentinels pip NRG to first place on a tiebreaker

It was Sentinels who secured overall victory in the NA Pro league, beating NRG on a tiebreaker. Both teams put down outstanding performances and secured 2nd place in their respective lobbies.

However, it seemed like NRG had the victory wrapped up heading into the final game of the Pro League. Led by Senoxe, on new legend Ash, Sentinels dropped an insane 30 point game. This launched them up the leaderboard.

He may not have known it at the time, but this crucial 1v1 clutch from Senoxe secured Sentinels the win.

Pro League final top 5

'SENRG' heading into playoffs as favorites

The two teams, who have been dubbed 'SENRG' will be the overwhelming favorites heading into the playoffs in January. Both sides have played some absolutely incredible Apex over the course of the Pro League. Sentinels in particular have really returned to form since the arrival of Lou.

Sentinels will be hoping that Lou can help continue to drive the team to new heights in 2022. Possibly the best Gibraltar anywhere in Apex Legends, Lou has played for some of the very best teams in Apex. When he is comfortable and motivated to succeed, he is almost unstoppable. This Sentinels team seems the real deal.

Of course, NRG boasts the best IGL in all of Apex, and they will be equally as confident of success in the playoffs. Sweetdreams has a unique talent of bringing the very best out of anyone who plays with him. This is helped by having one of the best fighting players worldwide alongside in Nafen. Any of the 6 players across SENRG would walk into essentially any other Apex team.

It is incredibly exciting for the Apex scene to have multiple teams hitting their peak as we head into the playoffs, it really is all to play for.

100 Thieves finally find their form, securing a top 20 finish

The reigning Apex champions 100 Thieves found their winning touch, at last, winning their lobby on the final day.

100T had performed very mediocrely in the previous five weeks, and even with the extra 10 playoff spots, were not guaranteed qualification.

However, the magic touch that helped them win the Championships back in May returned once more.

They won the final three games of their pro league season. Along the way towards these three wins, the 100T roster casually dropped 36 kills. Just the 36 kills in those three games would have secured them enough points for a top 10 finish on the day.

100T performance one of the best in Pro League History

This incredible display was among the top 5 best single displays in Pro League split 1.

  • C9 (Week 2) - 97
  • Sentinels (Week 1) - 92
  • Sentinels (Week 4) - 87
  • 100T (Week 6) - 84
  • NRG (Week 2) - 78

This will be a massive confidence booster, and if this momentum can be maintained, 100T will fancy their chances in the playoffs also. They have a history of performing when it matters, can they do it again in January?

CLG relegated to Challengers

At the bottom end of the leaderboard, CLG could not quite find the points they needed to escape relegation. This came despite their best performance of the Pro League. There will now be considerable pressure on the CLG roster to escape challengers and return for Pro League split 2. CLG are used to competing for titles, and this will come as a shock to the whole org.

CLG have formerly had some of the strongest teams in Apex, can their new roster reach these standards?
CLG have formerly had some of the strongest teams in Apex, can their new roster reach these standards?

They are joined in the Challenger Circuit by other notable teams, such as eRa Eternity. The all American roster which includes ALGS Summer Circuit #1 winner Bowwser, will feel that they are much better than the last 6 weeks have shown.

Relegated back to Challengers:

  • Neanderthals - 6
  • BAD BOYS - 4
  • CLG - 4
  • RT - 3
  • eRa - 3
  • BW - 3*
  • MOAN - 2
    *Both Sheesh and Benchwarmers disbanded mid season and were automatically relegated

    Full standings

All eyes on Playoffs

Sentinels, NRG and the rest of the NA Apex Legends top 20 will now be turning their attention towards the playoffs in January. Despite the cancellation of LAN, teams will be looking forward to the opportunity to secure a victory and significant prize money.

Can Sentinels maintain momentum?

However, this will come after a break for the holiday season. While teams like Sentinels, NRG and 100T are ending on a high, can this momentum survive through the festive period?

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