Apex Legends dropped an exciting in-game teaser for the next legend arriving in Season 12 and it could be a familiar face for Fuse mains.

Apex Legends players were treated to a spectacle on Storm Point in the final days of Season 11. Respawn Entertainment has kept relatively quiet for a while on the identity of the next legend for Apex Legends Season 12. However, they finally threw the community a bone on who it might be with an exciting in-game teaser. The players were treated to a dogfight between two aircraft. Eventually, one of them gets shot down and crashes near the north pad.

An aircraft gets shot down after a dogfight just around the North Pad area of Stormpoint.

Players can check out the crashed aircraft and it has a familiar symbol on it. The crash site also makes for some friendly shenanigans with other players, if you’re up for that kind of stuff. Just beware that there will always be a spoilsport who’ll start fighting looking for some easy kills.

So what is this teaser hinting at?

The emblem on the crashed aircraft’s wing is from Salvo

The crashed aircraft appears to be buried in the sand around the shore with its rear fin sticking out. The fin has a familiar symbol on it. It’s the same one that can be seen in the Season 8 lore trailer, “Good as Gold“.

The trailer is an origin story for Fuse. In it, he’s depicted as a mercenary who grew up on a planet called Salvo, alongside his childhood friend, Maggie. The planet is home to several warlords and mercenary groups and Fuse and Maggie have a falling out before he leaves to join the Apex games.

So who is Maggie?

Could Maggie be the new legend in Apex Legends Season 12?
The emblem from the crashed aircraft is also seen in Fuse’s lore trailer during his fallout with Mad Maggie.

The teaser all but confirms the next legend as Fuse’s childhood friend, Maggie. There’s also an interesting bit of character dialogue when you play as Fuse on Storm Point. If you’re near one of the prowler nests, he suggests Maggie would enjoy the place.

It’ll be interesting to see if Maggie is indeed the next legend. She had seemingly died at the end of Season 8 after she deliberately let go of Fuse’s hand and fell off a cliff. Of course, we don’t really see a corpse, so there’s no confirming anything, as is the rule with characters returning from the dead.

Given that Fuse has an ability set based on throwables and explosives, it’ll be interesting to see what they do with the next character from Salvo. There’s also definitely going to be a lot of banter. If the upcoming character for Apex Legends Season 12 is Maggie, it could also be a great bit of representation for the Kiwis because her accent is a dead giveaway.

Where on the map does the teaser occur?

Apex Legends Season 12 hint
The dogfight between the aircraft takes place across Cenote Cave, Barometer, Antenna, and Storm Catcher before it ends at North pad.

If you want to get a closer look at the crashed aircraft, you’d best land just north of the North Pad landing zone. You’ll see the aircraft fighting each other, before one of them gets shot down and crashes into the beach. If you want to catch the spectacle of the two aircraft in action, the dogfight happens across Cenote Cave, Barometer, and Antenna before they eventually end up at North Pad.

When is Apex Legends Season 12 expected to arrive?

As of the day this article was written, the in-game counter shows 16 days remaining for the Season 11 battle pass. It’s safe to assume that Apex Legends Season 12 will be launched around February 8th, based on this information. Stay tuned for more details and watch out for any trailers or teasers Respawn may drop. The Apex Legends community is due some excitement after a long season of Storm Point and World’s Edge. Maggie’s arrival could also indicate some exciting lore building.

It’ll be the first season of Apex Legends in 2022 and we’re anticipating a pretty big year for it. You can read our article on what to expect from Apex Legends in 2022.

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