The new Stories from the Outlands dropped featuring Apex’s new Legend: Mad Maggie. Join us as we break down the video and explore the lore.

As season 11 comes to a close, teasers and trailers regarding the new season have graced the Apex community. Earlier today, a new stories from the outlands has been released. The newest lore video for Apex Legends features the newest Legend to join the Apex games. It follows the story of Mag Maggie's trial and how she finds herself in the Apex games, participating in Season 12: Defiance.

A brief history of Salvo's Mad Maggie

We first learn about Margaret "Mad Maggie" Kōhere in Season 8 during Fuse's introduction. We see in the "Good as Gold" Stories from the outlands that Fuse and Maggie grew up together on Salvo. As the years passed, they both grew into some of the best mercenaries around. But as Maggie became more and more with becoming the next Warlord to rule Salvo, Fuse was more interested in Salvo's bloodsport: the Bonecage.

Eventually Fuse and Maggie part ways as Salvo joins the Syndicate (the group who runs the Apex games). And as part of the agreement, Fuse was going to be the first Legend from Salvo to join the Apex games. But Maggie didn't let Fuse leave Salvo in one piece. With a Fuse-like grenade throw, Fuse ended up losing his arm (hence his robotic one he has now).

Fast forward to Season 8's official launch trailer where we see the elaborate celebrations as Fuse joined the Apex games. Maggie saw Fuse's departure to the Apex games as an act of betrayal of Salvo's people, and so Maggie pulled off quite the takeover. Maggie set off explosions over Kings Canyon during the celebrations, and later managed a takeover of the games themselves with the Chaos theory event.

Where the Stories from the Outlands picks off

We pick up our tale with Mad Maggie's trial. She's faced with quite the penalty. With counts of Sedition, raiding Syndicate transport ships and inciting the attack of the Salvo-Syndicate Celebration (Season 8's Launch Trailer). Although she justifies her actions in the name of freedom, the judge doesn't seem too thrilled about it. She still faces the punishment of death, but not before slamming her head into the table, breaking her tooth off and sniping the judge in the eye with it.

In her seemingly final moments, she prepares for the firing squad and chants a song for Salvo. Then the execution is halted by the mysterious man known as Mr. Silva who seems to be a powerful member of the Syndicate. Could this be the infamous father of Octane, Eduardo Silva? We don't know for sure, but the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals could be quite the lore impacting character.

As the Stories from the Outlands concludes, the judge (now with an eyepatch) explains that Maggie's old friends will be her executioners. Her punishment will be her participation in the Apex games as the newest Legend to join the roster. Apex's newest season is set to be called Defiance and is going to be packed with tons of new changes. Stay tuned to as the gameplay trailer and the season trailer are sure to be coming soon.

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