SoloQGoats demolish on their way to victory (EMEA Pro League) cover image

SoloQGoats demolish on their way to victory (EMEA Pro League)

SoloQGoats rampaged to 1st place in the overall standings. They are bouncing back from a relegation last split. The SoloQGoats are in prime position to qualify for the recently announced Apex Legends LAN.

The EMEA Pro League returned for a 2nd day of a bumper ALGS Schedule. 40 teams took to both Storm Point and Worlds Edge to play 6 more games. The former Gambit squad, led by Hardecki came into the 2nd day in 1st place. They absolutely dominated the opening day. There was also strong momentum behind iG international and the SoloQGoats.

This was the 2nd of 6 gameweeks, originally scheduled to take place across a whole weekend.

SoloQGoats discover their best form

The 2nd gameday truly belonged to the SoloQGoats; the team of ShivFPS; DiffQ and Zipeth put down outstanding performances all day. While the SoloQGoats struggled last split, which led to them moving away from Bangalore they are benefitting from the introduction of Storm Point and the Bangalore meta that is developing.

SoloQGoats ShivFPS is thriving back on Bangalore
SoloQGoats ShivFPS is thriving back on Bangalore

They only just snuck back into Pro League following their relegation. However, following their strong start, they are in a prime position to qualify for the recently announced Apex LAN.

SoloQGoats on a rampage

This was a level of aggression and team fighting that we haven't seen from the SoloQGoats since they achieved 3rd place in the ALGS Championship almost a year ago.

Their pure aggression was perfectly captured in Game 5. The SoloQGoats fought off two teams back to back, as they fought for a high-ground near Tree. They consistently put down large kill totals, which saw them reach the top of the leaderboard without winning a single game.

Credit has to go to the SoloQGoats for their impressive improvement, bouncing back from a really poor opening Pro League split.

ShivFPS: "We were continually rolling"

ShivFPS of SoloQGoats told James Bardolph on the ALGS Broadcast that "Split 1 Pro League was horrible for us because of the meta. It was very hard to fight people with Bangalore. We did terrible."

He added that Storm Point makes it a lot easier to play Bangalore, because there is a lot more open space, and there is a lot less hunkering down.

Scarz and 69iQ only split by a tiebreaker

In the other lobby, it was 69iQ and Scarz in top form. Both teams finished tied on 60 points; and had to be separated by a tiebreaker.

69iQ won the tiebreaker, which is decided on the best overall points total in a single game.

Huge Storm Point game from 69iQ seals victory

It was a monstrous game 3 that ended up securing the win for 69iQ. They dropped a massive 29 points on their way to a big victory on Storm Point. 69iQ, since the arrival of KSWINNIE have found a consistent aggressive style, similar to that of the SoloQGoats. It speaks to how well their fighting is, that the SoloQGoats have vacated their Worlds Edge drop spot to avoid 69iQ.

69iQ are one of the teams sticking with Gibraltar
69iQ are one of the teams sticking with Gibraltar

In particular, all of the 69iQ team are very confident in fights, with Slayers and KSWINNIE dropping 8 kills each, Naghz led the way with 10.

ScarZ were very disappointing in the playoffs, and they will be delighted that they are improving. While the 2nd place on a tiebreaker will hurt, they are making a strong start. The ALGS Champions will be confident that if they can qualify for LAN, their experience and team chemistry will give them a great chance to bring home the victory.

The overall standings

SoloQGoats lead the top 10

  • SoloQGoats - 43
  • iG - 39
  • Players - 37
  • K1CK - 36
  • Mutariuum - 36
  • 69iQ - 36
  • Empire - 34
  • SCARZ - 34
  • Forg Gang - 32
  • Vexed Gaming - 29

With only the top 10 qualifying for LAN; competition will be fierce. Here are the full standings on Battlefy.

Can Rebels bounce back?

At the bottom of the leaderboard, Rebels find themselves in 36th. The experienced trio struggled in the last split of Pro League, only bouncing back in the final weeks. They launched themselves up the leaderboard. However, they cannot rely on the same opportunity this time.

Experienced NothFPS will not want Rebel to miss out on LAN
Experienced NothFPS will not want Rebel to miss out on LAN

With the new scoring system, that awards greater differences in points between placement, it will be much harder to leap up the standings. Rebel are on just 7 points, and Vexed in 10th are already 22 points ahead.

Unlike teams like SoloQGoats, iG and Players who benefit from a packed schedule to maintain momentum. Rebel will be under pressure, with games every single day, their opportunities to practice are eliminated. However, the former ALGS Circuit winning team have the ability to bounce back.

Pro League continues tomorrow

ALGS is back tomorrow, March 25th, with two more lobbies of EMEA. With so much Apex to take in, be sure to keep an eye on, we have you covered with recaps of the key moments in both lobbies every single day.