Day 9 of the EMEA ALGS Pro League has come to an end, and it was action packed! Join us as we break down the 6 rounds of Apex.

As ALGS EMEA returned in full swing as the time to qualify for the playoffs is slowly diminishing. With only a couple match days left for the multitude of teams to secure spots in the LAN, the pressure is as high as ever. However, with the recent announcement from Respawn, regional playoffs will now take place due to the Omicron variant.

Now instead of the top 10 qualifying, it is the top 20. Those who felt the odds were stacked against them, now have a new lifeline - no pun intended - in the ALGS EMEA playoffs.

The Current top 10 in the ALGS EMEA

  • Gambit - 35 Points
  • Myztro - 27 Points
  • GMT - 25 Points
  • Rebel - 23 Points
  • IG. International - 23 Points
  • K1CK - 23 Points
  • Major Pushes - 22 Points
  • Guild - 22 Points
  • Les Cites de France - 20 Points
  • Dungeon Mast33rs - 19 Points

Rebel's Phenomenal Day 9

Heading into the matches, fan favorite Gambit Esports was in the lead with 30 points, but were closely followed CIS squad Myztro Gaming and K1CK with points around the mid 20s. The former Flavor of the Month squad was also a fan favorite but has had been underperforming.

However, the squad made some changes to come first in today's matches. By switching IGLs from Pjeh to Noth and switching from their tried and true Bloodhound composition to a Gibraltar, Caustic and Valkyrie one, Rebel came out on top.

Rebel's Pjeh was interviewed on the official broadcast
Rebel's Pjeh was interviewed on the official broadcast

As the Apex Gods decided to have North rings in the first couple games, Rebel was forced to make some far rotations. But, the surprising switch allowed their aggression and beautiful rotations to really shine throughout the games. Rebel secured 1st place twice in the opening two matches, with high kill count in both.

In an interview following the series, Rebel's Pjeh explained that the changes and how Rebel got back in sync and avoided potential relegation.

"Coming into the 4th week, that's when we got our second place. That's when we changed up everything… we changed our composition, we also changed who's our in game leader right now. So that's very interesting. And our spirits are higher than ever".

Rebel's Pjeh during his interview with Fallout in the ALGS Pro League match day 9

Dungeon Mast33rz back in action

Another fan favorite team Dungeon Mast33rs masters had a phenomenal first 2 rounds in the AGLS Split 1 which made them a favorite to qualify for the playoffs. However during the following rounds, they have been in a rut with poor performances in the rounds 3 and 4.

In today's matches it was no different, until Round 4 where Dungeon Mast33rs managed to pull a massive win in game 4. This win with 12 kills seemed to swing some momentum back into their favor. Although it was already late in the games, Dungeon Mast33rs seemed to be getting back into their dominant form.

The Hardecki Show

Gambit very own Konstantin "Hardecki" Kozlov had a field day on his iconic Wraith. From making massive solo plays to wiping teams with Actyco and Leogri. With their consistent high performance during the ALGS EMEA Pro League, Gambit is at the top of the overall leaderboards. Although they didn't win a game during today's matches, consistent top 10 finishes with high kills scored them tons of points.

Hardecki went hard to say the least. With insane Kraber shots on mid flight Valkyrie teams to huge flanks to wipe unsuspected squads. This aggression and domination in these lobbies have made Hardecki one of the most feared names in EMEA Apex.

After the matches, Hardecki alongside and Noth were nominated for the Monster MVP of the matches. On top of that, he was in a 3-way tie for most kills in the lobby at 13.

The EMEA Kills Leaderboard
The EMEA Kills Leaderboard

The last chance for the ALGS EMEA

As the time to qualify for the playoffs are coming to a close within the next couple days, the next couple days of Apex are sure to be great. However, with the unfortunate news that there will now be regional playoffs for the ALGS EMEA Pro League, now the top 20 teams will qualify. This means that underperforming fan favorites like Kungarna, SoloQgoats, Zeta and NaVi all have a change to make it to the next stage.

With the abundance of Valkyrie, Gibraltar and Caustic teams, the final rings get chaotic and an absolute joy to watch. So tune in to and the ALGS streams to watch the action packed weekend of Apex!

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