GMT, with Ukrainian Max Strafe, secure victory in ALGS EMEA Day 3 cover image

GMT, with Ukrainian Max Strafe, secure victory in ALGS EMEA Day 3

GMT Esports won an intense third day of the EMEA Pro League. This is despite Max Strafe still being in Ukraine.

The EMEA Pro League reached the halfway stage. The Top 40 ALGS EMEA teams took to Worlds Edge and Storm Point for the 3rd day running as part of a jam packed one week event. GMT Esports, with Max Strafe playing from Ukraine, secured a big victory. The former Summer Circuit champions are back to their best.

Elsewhere, it was a difficult day again for Rebel, who are in serious danger of missing out on the Playoff LAN in Stockholm, Sweden. They sit 38th out of 40 teams.

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GMT Esports take victory

GMT Esports, who have been heavily affected by the war in Ukraine, secured victory. The trio, who had not played for a month before this week, still have a player in Ukraine. They move into a strong position to qualify for LAN, and will hope that Max Strafe is able to leave the country to participate.

This was also their biggest performance since Max Strafe re-joined Gnaske and Del. The trio were the most dominant team in EMEA under the name Gnaske, Strafe, Del. They won the Summer Circuit playoffs and their reunion was seen as a major coup for GMT Esports.

Gnaske's fantastic IGL skills have led GMT to victory
Gnaske's fantastic IGL skills have led GMT to victory

GMT Esports master aggression

GMT Esports did not win any of the 6 games today. However, they mastered high kill totals and played fantastic apex all day. They dropped an average of 7.1 kills per game, which is a very impressive total.

This is a change from the GMT of old, who were renowned for their steady placement and strong end games. This shows the impact of that natural chemistry that Gnaske, Max Strafe and Sir Del have together. This GMT Esports team is not afraid to fight together this ALGS.

Emotional moment as Max Strafe defies the odds

It was an incredible performance from Max Strafe. He is still based in Ukraine, and playing under martial law. Teammate Gnaske told the ALGS broadcast that he is amazed that Max Strafe can even play, let alone perform at such a high level.

While the circumstances around this EMEA Pro League are incredibly heartbreaking, seeing someone as talented as Max Strafe overcome terrible circumstances to perform at the top level is incredibly heart warming. It is very much hoped that if GMT can maintain top 10, Max Strafe will be in a position to leave the country to travel to Sweden.

There was an incredibly wholesome show of solidarity in Twitch chat, as the ALGS EMEA broadcast was filled with the message 'Slava Ukraini' during Gnaske's interview with James Bardolph.

Alliance, back on Wraith and Gibby, make improvements

It was a better day for Alliance, who had made a sluggish start to the Pro League. They have been experimenting with not using Gibraltar on either map, and have at times been caught out.

The trio of Hakis, Vaifs and Yuki came so close to winning the ALGS EMEA Playoffs, but they find themselves outside the overall top 10 at the half way stage.

Back to basics for Alliance

Alliance, frustrated by their opening performances, went back to basics. The ever-flexible Hakis resumed his traditional role on Wraith, and on Worlds Edge Vaifs was back on Gibraltar.

While the Apex Legends meta is wider than ever, there is a lot to say about being comfortable and understanding your role in the team. Going back to their more familiar legends seems to have helped them improve their performance.

The brutal 6 days in a row schedule seems to be hurting Alliance. Hakis is one of the most intelligent in game leaders in the world. This is why he won the EMEA IGL of the year award.

However, there is no opportunity to practice in scrims between gamedays. This has really limited Alliance's opportunity to find a solution to their struggles.

Alliance will be hoping that they can go big tomorrow, and try and break into the top 10.

The overall top 10

GMT Esports up to third, SoloQGoats plummet from 1st in ALGS

  • Players - 55
  • iG International - 54
  • GMT Esports - 53
  • Vexed Gaming - 50
  • SCARZ - 50
  • Nemesis - 48
  • SoloQGoats - 46
  • 69iQ eSports - 44
  • Forg Gang - 42
  • K1CK - 40

With only the top 10 qualifying for LAN; competition will be fierce. Here are the full standings on Battlefy.

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