Max Strafe has joined GMT esports, linking up with former teammates Gnaske and Del. The trio won the Apex Summer Circuit playoffs in 2020.

ALGS Summer Circuit playoff champions, Gnaske, Max Strafe and Del have been reunited. The trio have not competed together since just after their famous victory in the Summer of 2020.

Their victory was achieved as an orgless team, and while their stock was high they chose to split up and take contracts with esports orgs. Gnaske and Del signed for Cooler, and Max Strafe joined NaVi.

Max Strafe rejoins former teammates

While there was a lot of disappointment that following their victory, the trio could not find a home together, joining NaVi was too good to refuse.

Max Strafe is back with his most successful team
Max Strafe is back with his most successful team

However, NaVi chose to sign a new Apex team in advance of the ALGS Playoffs. This left Max Strafe looking for a new home.

Some surprise as Badoli dropped by GMT

Gnaske and Del have remained together ever since they joined Cooler. They competed in the Pro League and ALGS Playoffs with Badoli.

They have been successful with Badoli, securing 5th in Pro League split 1, and 9th in the Playoffs. This led to some shock that Badoli was suddenly looking for a team.

Gnaske, Strafe and Del one of the best ever Apex teams

However, this decision suddenly makes a lot more sense. Max Strafe, with Gnaske and Del was one of the best ever Apex teams in the game's history.

Their Summer Circuit playoff victory was one of the quickest ever under match point format. They showed incredible consistency to finish in the top 3 in 4 of the 5 games needed. For comparison, the most recent playoffs lasted 10 games.

Can Max Strafe recreate the spark?

Now, the question is if this reunion will prove effective. When Max Strafe, Gnaske and Del last played together - the meta was very different. Pathfinder and Wattson are hardly played, if at all. Gnaske has become famous for his incredible Crypto play, can Max Strafe fit into the same role as Badoli?

However, the confidence that must be flowing through the trio as they reunite, with their fantastic results and chemistry will be an undisputed boost.

They will be an undoubted team to watch as we head towards the 2nd Split of the Apex Pro League.