Mad Maggie, Fuse’s childhood friend is the latest legend to join the Apex games in the upcoming Season 12 update. Read all about her abilities and lore.

We're heading into the final week of Apex Legends Season 11 patch week is always an exciting time! Respawn Entertainment has given us everything but the patch notes and we can't wait to hop into season 12. Season 12 also welcomes a brand new legend, Mad Maggie to Apex.

Who is Maggie in Apex?

Mad Maggie: You can also read about her on the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">official EA page</a>.
Mad Maggie: You can also read about her on the official EA page.

Maggie is an offense character with an aggressive ability set. It's quite versatile at dealing with opponents that will make life difficult for you through good use of cover. In certain circumstances, she might also be useful against players that have the high ground advantage.

Passive: Warlord's Ire

Source: Respawn Entertainment
Source: Respawn Entertainment

Maggie has a double passive. She temporarily highlights enemies she's damaged (Their outline becomes visible), and she moves faster with a shotgun. An interesting passive ability that will make Maggie a menace with a Peacekeeper or a Mastiff.

Warlord's Ire's ability to highlight an enemy Maggie deals damage to can make her quite a threat because it makes room for teams to focus fire and take down highlighted enemies quickly.

With so many recon legends in the game that have the ability to scan or highlight enemies, positional play is getting increasingly difficult.

Tactical: Riot Drill

Source: Respawn Entertainment
Source: Respawn Entertainment

Maggie's tactical ability, "Riot Drill", is a projectile that she can launch at an obstacle or surface. The projectile latches on to an obstacle (A building wall or rampart cover), and damages any enemy that is directly behind it.

Riot Drill is going to be a gamechanger when it comes to dealing with players that are good at using cover and poking. Also it could be potentially strong against Rampart players, although the legend was not a popular pick in Season 11.

Riot Drill could also theoretically be used on a team sitting on a platform or a surface above Maggie by firing her tactical below the team's position to deal damage.

Ultimate: Wrecking Ball

Source: Respawn Entertainment
Source: Respawn Entertainment

Maggie's ultimate, Wrecking Ball is a large wrecking ball that bounces around and detonates near enemies.

From the Apex Maggie gameplay trailer, it appears to have a kind of knockback or stun effect on enemies as well. While we don't quite have the stats on exactly how much damage the detonation will deal, this looks like a great ability to mess with enemy positioning and introduce some chaos on the battlefield. And of course, let the I came in like a wrecking ball memes commence.

How does Maggie contribute to Apex lore?

Mad Maggie has had quite the influence on the lore in Apex Legends, right from her first appearance as Fuse's childhood bestie turned enemy in Season 8 to her subsequent introduction in the Season 12 lore trailers.

After Maggie's apparent demise at the end of Season 8, it was revealed that she somehow survived. Mad Maggie was put through a trial for the havoc she caused at the Apex Games and charged with War Crimes.

Maggie's first Apex appearance was in the trailer for Season 8's new legend Fuse back in January 2021
Maggie's first Apex appearance was in the trailer for Season 8's new legend Fuse back in January 2021

It was only because of Octane's father, Duardo Silva interrupting her trial that her death sentence was kind of reduced to a trial by combat. He manipulated the jury into sentencing her to death in the Apex Games.

Maggie was airdropped into the Apex Games with restraints holding her back. But, of course she has the ability to survive by competing in the games. Turns out Mr. Silva had some ulterior plans of his own with her as the scapegoat. He messed around with Olympus assuming that everyone would blame Maggie for it. So as of the lore trailers, Maggie has a great reason to go after Duardo Silva and prove her innocence.

With the new LTM and Olympus getting interesting dynamic environmental changes, Maggie will be an exciting addition to Apex Legends. Season 12 is just around the corner and releases on February 8th. You can read more about it by checking out our article on the new Control LTM as well as our article covering the gameplay trailer.