Apex Legends players get a glimpse into Maggie’s abilities and the new control LTM.

The hype train for Apex Legends season 12 has been chugging along and finally reached a major station en route to its destination. Earlier today, Respawn Entertainment dropped the gameplay trailer for the new upcoming season and it looks fantastic! The game has needed a fresh dose of life because Season 11 has been around for three months now. The gameplay trailer demonstrates an exciting new game mode and Maggie, the new legend.

The Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance Gameplay Trailer demonstrates the “Control” LTM and offers a peek at Maggie’s abilities

The “Control” LTM

Apex Legends - Control
The control game mode is a 9v9

Oddly enough, this is among the few times a new legend isn’t the main talking point from a new season of Apex Legends. The players weren’t very happy with the way Arenas worked and most of them stuck to Battle Royale. But with popular multiplayer shooters like Halo Infinite arriving since Season 11, the new LTM, called “Control” might just breathe a fresh lease of life into the game. The Titanfall fan base has also remained disgruntled for a while now and the new mode looks like it’ll please them as well.

It’s basically a 9v9 area-control mode where players can select their loadout before the game begins and jump straight into the action. Death isn’t permanent here and you’ll immediately respawn at the base to get back into the fight. If the game mode is as popular as Respawn hopes it’ll be, don’t be surprised if you see it back as a permanent game mode. You can read all about it in our article on Control.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie is the latest legend to join the roster of diverse playable characters

The next legend to join the Apex Games is Mad Maggie. She used to be Fuse’s childhood buddy and grew up with him on Salvo. She was introduced as a character in season 8 and wreaked mayhem on the Apex Games before Fuse, Lifeline and Bloodhound put a stop to her shenanigans. Ultimately, she ended up getting sentenced to death by being thrown into the Apex Games.

The gameplay trailer offered a glimpse of her abilities. By the looks of it, her tactical is a projectile that attaches itself to a wall and unleashes a beam behind it. In the trailer, she launches it at a Rampart cover and it knocks the Lifeline using it. The passive isn’t very clear but she picks up a Mastiff lying on the floor by kicking it into her hands. It’s likely that she’ll have a quicker way of picking up and having a gun ready to fire. Her ultimate looks like this large ball she throws as a projectile that bounces around and stuns/knocks back any enemy it hits. All in all, she looks like another aggressive offense legend.

A chaotic return for Olympus

Random structures and objects crash into Olympus during the games

Olympus is finally back in the map rotation! Things look very different for the pretty city in the sky this time, though. The pretty city in the sky had one change before it was taken out of the rotation. In Season 9, a ship filled with poisonous vines crashed into the city and infested it. It was revealed at the end of the season that Octane’s father, Duardo Silva was responsible for the incident. This time, in Season 11, it looks like he’s back at it again. In the gameplay trailer, you can see random structures crashing around the city. According to the Defiance trailer, he’s found a scapegoat in Maggie for it. Looks like Olympus is going to offer a pretty exciting gameplay experience as well as riveting lore developments.

When do we get to play it?

Apex Legends Season 12 launches on February 8th. Respawn Entertainment has released the lore trailer as well as the gameplay trailer. All that’s left is a launch trailer and the patch notes. We’re excited to see what the new season has in store for everyone and it looks like it’s going to be a great update.

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