Curious about the Legend’s pick rates? Join us as we take a look into some statistics and break down Apex Legends’ pick rates.

Season 11 of Apex is well on its way, with only a couple weeks left. Apex’s newest season featured a brand new map, a new legend and some big changes to legends. We expected some big changes to the pick rates to Apex’s Legends.

Unfortunately, the complete statistics for the season are unknown and are only available to the developers at Respawn. But, thanks to, we’ve been able to get a good understanding of the statistics from their 8.1 million player database.

The current season 11 Apex Legends pick rates

  • Wraith – 12.6%
  • Octane – 12.4%
  • Bloodhound – 9.6%
  • Pathfinder 8.8%
  • Valkyrie – 7.5%
  • Ash – 5.7%
  • Lifeline – 5.5%
  • Bangalore – 5.3%
  • Loba – 4.4%
  • Horizon – 4.4%
  • Caustic – 3.9%
  • Gibraltar – 3.6%
  • Fuse – 3.5%
  • Mirage – 3.1%
  • Wattson – 2.2%
  • Revenant – 2.2%
  • Seer – 2.1%
  • Rampart – 1.6%
  • Crypto – 1.6%

The current top 5 and their reign on pick rates

Wraith, Octane, Bloodhound and Pathfinder have consistently remained at the top of the Apex legends’ pick rates for a couple of seasons now. But, thanks to the competitive meta, we’ve seen a new face in the top 5 that’s taken over Lifeline’s previous spot: Valkyrie. It’s fair to wonder why these legends are so popular, even in new seasons when a new legend is introduced. The popularity of a new legend lasts a week or two, and then the reigning champs take their throne back and here’s why.


  • Versatile Legend that can go solo if she wishes
  • Can escape danger with Into the Void (tactical ability)
  • Can reposition or help fallen team-mates escape the battlefield to be revived
  • Incredibly cool hero design and one of the original 7 default characters

Our favorite interdimensional skirmisher has been a favorite since the release of Apex. Her agility and manoeuvrability let her weave in and out of fights or get out of sticky situations. She’s also got a sick character design.

Her kit has great repositioning tools that other legends can’t compare to. Unlike her new competition Ash, her portals allow for back and forth travel and no committal pushes. Knocked team-mates can also crawl into the void to be revived. If you feeling trollish you can also punch your enemies into your DImensional Rift and execute them elsewhere.

Graph from Apex Legends Status

Although the queen of the outlands has had her fair share of changes throughout the seasons, she still remains one of the top-picked legends. In both casual and competitive games, Wraith is still dominant at the top of the pick rates with 12.6%. Like with most legends on, her pick rate typically drops down as a new legend gets released, but almost always comes back to the top. For example when Season 11 was released Wraith’s pick-rate dropped from 11.5% to 9%, but has since rise to 12.6%, as players return to their one true love.


  • Aggressive Legend that can solo games
  • Regenerates HP while not in combat
  • Can reposition, initiate or escape with jump pad
  • He’s got some great voice lines

Since the changes to Octane’s stim and jump pad a couple of seasons ago, nothing has been able to stop the Oct-train. The recent nerfs to his passive regen rate and the launch pad distance have had almost no effect on his pick rate. Octane’s ability to increase his movement speed while also having a mobility tool like the jump pad makes him a pub star for the average Apex player. On top of his aggressive playstyle, the ability to passively regenerate health acts as the cherry on top for some extra potential.

Apex Legends Pick Rates Octane
Graph from Apex Legends Status

Octane’s current pick rate is ever so slightly behind Wraiths at 12.4%, however, they go back and forth constantly. By the end of season 10, Octane’s pick rate was a mile ahead of Wraith at 14.8% while the competition was only at 11.4%. Additionally, like his counterpart Wraith, his pick percentage drops at the start of each season but slowly recovers.


  • Wallhacks.
  • Great information gathering and scouting, especially during rotations
  • Increased movement speed during his ult
  • LGBTQ character! Bloodhound is official non-binary

Bloodhound has been another one of the most picked Legends since Apex’s release. Information has always been a crucial aspect of Apex. Whether that may be to push a team if there are squads nearby ready to a third party or what kind of loot they have. Information is key in Apex, and the legend that gathers this information the best while still able to play aggressively is Bloodhound.

Apex Legends Pick Rates Bloodhound
Graph from Apex Legends Status

With the ability to have wallhacks through their scan, Bloodhound’s kit has made itself an essential pick for most teams. Last season with the Bloodhound questline, their pick rate shot up. But like the other legends, they’ve slowly receded to an above-average pick rate of 9.6%.


  • Can cover the great distances with grapples
  • Great for rotating and repositioning with his zipline
  • Can scan survey beacons for ring information
  • great personality and even better voice lines

Pathfinder has been another staple of the top-tier legends over the years. Similar to Wraith, Pathfinder’s agility and distance he can cover with his grapple put him as one of the most mobile Legends out there. Although Respawn hasn’t shown a lot of love to the Robot with nerfs to his grapple, he still holds strong against the competition.

Apex Legends Pick Rates - Pathfinder
Graph from Apex Legends Status

Close behind his competition with an 8.9% pick rate, Pathfinder has stayed as one of the top picks for a while. In season 11, he consistently goes back and forth with Bloodhound for the 3rd most picked spot. Despite his nerfs, he is still a fun legend to play with his grapple, juking around terrain and launching yourself across the map.


  • Invaluable for rotating and repositioning with her ultimate
  • Missile swarm (Tactical) is great for forcing enemies out of position
  • Movement is fun with a jetpack
  • Get your fix of Titanfall 2 and play as Viper’s daughter

A newcomer to the top 5, this season Valkyrie gained tons of popularity and has jumped from 7th most picked to 5th. Her ability to make huge rotations with her ultimate has made her a favorite amongst ranked squads. On top of her great ultimate ability, her jets make moving around tons of fun and her tactical allows for some great flanking potential.

With a solid 7.5% pick rate, Valkyrie has made a jump into top 5 over the past season. Her unique ability to make big rotations in tricky situations sets her apart from other legends. Especially towards the end of the game, as positioning can make mean the difference between winning and losing. She’s been on the decline since her release, but has been steadily picking up the pace and is only heading to the skies.

Apex Legends Pick Rates Valkyrie
Graph from Apex Legends Status

The best winners and losers of Season 11’s Apex Legends pick rates

Although from season to season there aren’t typically massive changes to Apex Legends pick rates and win rates other than for the new legend. However, with each new season, there are a couple of winners that move up in popularity and unfortunately those who also fall.


Valkyrie has been on a big incline since the community has realized how powerful her rotations are. Breaking into the top 5 most picked legends, especially as one of the newer legends is great. Showing that even the new legends can compete with the classics.

Apex Legends reveals new character Valkyrie | Rock Paper Shotgun


Prior to the new season, Lifeline was surprisingly at a 6.6% pick rate, which has her sitting nicely in 6th as the most picked legend. However, she’s dropped to a 5.4% pick rate. Unfortunately, the buff to her ultimate in which the package guarantees an upgrade to a squad member wasn’t enough to keep lifeline in a healthy spot.

Apex Legends™ - Lifeline Edition | Xbox


With the new season, Wattson got some well-needed reworks and changes. The community thought that this would bring back the electrical engineer in a shocking way. Unfortunately for our bright-eyed engineer, the changes weren’t enough to bring her back into the spotlight. She remains at a 2.2% pick rate.

Apex Legends Wattson character guide: So deadly, it hertz | GamesRadar+

In the end, however, the pick rates for these legends are always in a constant state of change. With different events, lore and changes, any legend can rise to popularity. But the current Apex pick rates statistics show us which legends need work and which are balanced with the current state of the game. Hopefully, one day we will see a close race between all legends, as each legend is unique and viable in its own way. For more Apex content, stick around on

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