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How to unlock the reactive Flatline recolour in Apex Season 20

Be prepared to put in some work!

Apex Season 20 gives all players the chance to obtain the illusive reactive Flatline recolour. Apex players have been desperate for a second chance to get their hands on a reactive Flatline, with the original being a Season 4 battle pass reward.

Even better, is the reactive Flatline recolour is completely free. There will be a pretty gruelling set of challenges to complete, but everyone can get their hands on this skin without spending a single cent.

How to unlock Season 20 reactive Flatline recolour

Apex Season 20 features a whole host of free skins. These are to celebrate the games five year anniversary. There are a range of different challenges and things to unlock. The reactive Flatline recolour will be the final reward for completing everything.

Legend Challenges

There will be challenges each week for the following legends:

  • Seer (Feb 13)
  • Fuse (Feb 27)
  • Rampart (Mar 12)
  • Mad Maggie (Mar 28)
  • Loba (Apr 8)
  • Valkyrie (Apr 23)

These challenges help you keep the respective legend unlocked beyond the end of the season. You'll also earn Battle Pass stars at the same time. The challenges are pretty simple, and shouldn't take too long.

Completing these challenges for all six legends will grant you a Legendary 'Runway Renegade' Wraith skin. You can't access the last set of challenges until April 23rd, so you'll have time to chip away at one legend each week.

Battle Pass Challenges

You'll also need to advance through your Breakout Battle Pass in order to unlock the reactive Flatline recolour. Level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 will each unlock a special banner frame.

Collecting all six of these, so hitting Battle Pass level 60, will unlock the 'Royal Stage' Wraith banner.

Gifting Skins to friends

The third and final component actually involves you gifting items to friends. Thankfully, these items are free. Every two weeks there will be a new Skin and Holo-Spray for you to gift to friends. Once you've sent these limited-time gifts six times you'll unlock a Legendary Sticker and Wraith Tracker set.

You can also gift a Breakout Battle Pass to a friend, and this will count as one of the gifts. This will cost you money, but is not required to complete the challenges.

'Top Tier' reactive Flatline recolour unlocked automatically

Once you've completed the Legend challenges, reached Battle Pass level 60 and gifted six gifts you'll automatically get the 'Top Tier' reactive Flatline recolour. Not a penny spent, but a fair bit of time invested.

However, for a skin that is one of the most desired of all time, this time and effort is certainly worth it. Plus, you'll be well on your way to the two new R99 reactive skins too that are in the Battle Pass.

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