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Which legend has the highest ALGS pick rate?

Which legends are favoured by the pros in ALGS?

Since the start of the game, a legends Apex Legends pick rate and a legends ALGS pick rate have often been incredibly different. The way that Apex games play out in ALGS, and in normal and ranked games are totally different.

Additionally, the smallest change to a legend can drastically impact which legends are used. Some legends being picked also impacts if other legends can be used. For example, if there are a lot of Wattsons, then teams will start playing Crypto as a counter.

So, across the latest split of the ALGS Pro League, which legends were most picked in EMEA and North America?

All statistics are thanks to Apex Legends Status.

North American ALGS pick rates

  • Seer - 83.03%
  • Valkyrie - 70.69%
  • Catalyst - 48.63%
  • Bangalore - 28.95%
  • Horizon - 13.86%
  • Wraith - 13.37%
  • Rampart - 10.74%
  • Wattson - 9.1%
  • Crypto - 8.04%
  • Loba - 4.1%
  • Mad Maggie - 2.71%
  • Gibraltar - 2.3%
  • Caustic - 1.8%
  • Bloodhound - 1.23%

Seer only has a 2.3% pick rate in the wider game, and peaked at only 5% during Season 15. So why is his ALGS pick rate so much higher?

Seer leads the ALGS pick rate in most regions
Seer leads the ALGS pick rate in most regions

The information and interruption Seer provides is much more useful at the very top level of Apex. Plus, when you are competing for big prize pools, the extra knowledge and scans are especially valuable. The heartbeat passive has no cooldown, meaning teams can never be ratted on and always have information available to them.

Seer is roundly hated by fans of the ALGS and Pro players alike. However, he did receive some major changes in the latest Apex Legends patch. The upcoming ALGS Split 2 Playoffs will show us how Pro players react to Seer. His pick rate is likely to fall, but not by a lot.

EMEA ALGS pick rates

  • Valkyrie - 81.43%
  • Seer - 77.22%
  • Bangalore - 37.46%
  • Catalyst - 36.27%
  • Wattson - 26.59%
  • Crypto - 9.37%
  • Horizon - 8.65%
  • Wraith - 5.24%
  • Rampart - 3.49%
  • Caustic - 3.33%
  • Loba - 1.9%
  • Newcastle - 1.9%
  • Ash - 1.67%
  • Mad Maggie - 1.43%
  • Fuse - 1.11%
  • Gibraltar - 1.11%

Alliance pick off meta legends

Notably, of these lower-pick legends were brought into the meta by Alliance. They introduced Rampart, then Ash, then Newcastle to the ALGS across the most recent Pro League split.

Alliance are known for their off meta picks.
Alliance are known for their off meta picks.

What this has shown is how lots of legends can be used by teams in the ALGS, if you use them correctly. That means that we could see legends with a low, or non existent ALGS pick rate being used at the upcoming Split Two playoffs in London.

This might include Ballistic. His arrival into the Apex games came after the ALGS Pro League concluded. We will see what his ALGS pick rate is for the first time in July.

Do other regions have any different picks?

While players across all regions broadly pick the same legends, there are some unique trends to each region. So, what are people playing in APAC North, APAC South and South America that are different from North America and EMEA?

In APAC North, Crypto (37.05%) is picked more than any other region. More so than Catalyst, who has a less than 25% pick rate in the region. APAC South largely resembles the North American ALGS pickrates. However, Seer is at a whopping 96.62% ALGS pick rate, the highest anywhere in the world.

Elsewhere, in South America Wraith is picked more highly than seen anywhere else, at 15.1%. Seer is again the leading legend, but down at 83.43%, more in line with North America and EMEA.

Wraith is most popular in South America.
Wraith is most popular in South America.

The question will now be how the meta will shift at the upcoming ALGS playoffs in London. When teams from all regions combine, the meta always shifts to account for all the different playstyles. Will Seer be the most dominant legend at LAN? Or, will a new meta emerge, possibly involving Ballistic?

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