Team NRG are your ALGS Winter Circuit: NA Champions cover image

Team NRG are your ALGS Winter Circuit: NA Champions

NRG are your ALGS Winter Circuit: North America champions after a dominant and aggressive final round. Here’s a quick rundown of how sweetdreams, rocker and Nafen secured the first place.

NRG esports has secured the top spot at the ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs - North America after a dominating and aggressive series. Team NRG won $48,000 for the first-place finish after taking the top spot over opponents such as TSM, Team Liquid, Counter Logic Gaming and more. 

The ALGCS Winter playoffs featured a Match Point format. The first team to win a round after reaching Matchpoint in the previous rounds takes the championship. Teams can reach match point when they accumulate a total of 50 points in the playoffs. There is no limit to the number of teams who can be ‘Match Point Eligible’.

Four-way Championship point in the ALGS Winter North American event

<em>NRG won <a href="">ALGS Winter</a> Circuit Playoffs: North America. Screengrab via </em><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow"><em>Apex Legends broadcast</em></a><em>.</em>
NRG won ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs: North America. Screengrab via Apex Legends broadcast.

The seventh-round started with four teams on Match point. NRG esports, TSM, SolaFide and Counter-Logic Gaming had secured 50 points by the end of the sixth round and were contenders for the title.

A win for any of these teams would mean a tournament victory. TSM’s positioning gave the team a huge advantage in the early part of the round. While TSM was content to wait and watch their opponents, NRG’s players were extremely active all across the map. NRG finished the seventh round with fifteen kills compared to TSM’s three. 

NRG’s shot-caller, Sweet was the kill-leader with five squads left in the game. While the number of kills gives teams a point advantage, NRG’s objective was to secure the first-place and hence win the championship. 

SolaFide was the first of the four matchpoint teams to be eliminated in the seventh round. Three of the last four teams remaining were Matchpoints teams. The competition was intense during the final moments of the round as the fate of the rest of the lobby relied on these teams. When CLG eliminated TeQ’s Team Flash Point, Apex Legends fans were on the edge of their seats. All three remaining teams were match-point teams. The seventh-round would be the last and the one that crowns the North American champions.

NRG took the high ground and the positional advantage against TSM and CLG. But with TSM and CLG closing in from different directions, NRG’s map awareness was crucial to make sure there were no surprises. TSM tried to poke NRG on the high ground, but Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen was taken down in the retaliatory fire. After taking out TSM, NRG pushed down to the low-ground against CLG surprising their opponents and securing the victory.

The Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit Champions: North America are as follows:

  • Chris "sweetdreams" Sexton.
  • Nathan "Nafen" Nguyen.
  • Aidan "rocker" Grodin.

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