Apex Super League: Huge performance on Storm Point sees TSM victorious cover image

Apex Super League: Huge performance on Storm Point sees TSM victorious

TSM are February’s Apex Super League champions, after they put down one of the best Storm Point performances NA has seen since the maps introduction.

TSM took 1st place in February's Apex Super League with a highly impressive and dominating performance.

They saw off a highly competitive lobby to take home a $2500 1st place prize. They were pushed all the way by NRG, who took home second. Surprise package DTX will be pleased with their 3rd place performance.

North American playoff Champions TSM will be incredibly pleased that they are finding success on the new ALGS map, Storm Point.

Teams were also vying to reach the top 10, which secures them a spot in March's Super League action. They will join the top 10 teams from the January Super League. January's Super League was won by Esports Arena.

TSM start the Apex Super League at full speed

TSM made a blistering start to February's Apex Super League. They won the opening game, dropping a huge 17 kills in the process.

This victory came despite losing ImperialHal to a fortunate vertical grenade. Verhulst and Reps, working as a duo, still managed to close out the victory with some masterful timing and positioning.

This set the tone for the unbelievable Apex Super League performance. TSM followed up this victory with another huge game, 2nd place with another 15 kills. TSM earned 53 points in just 2 games.

Steady games 3-6 seals the Apex Super League title

Of course, this incredible pace from TSM was never going to last across the whole 6 game tournament. However, ImperialHal, Verhulst and Reps saw the job through with 4 average games to secure victory. They avoided both complacency and the danger of a monumental choke.

TSM are no doubt still riding high from their legendary playoff performance. Fans will be relieved that despite the new challenge of Storm Point, TSM are adapting well and still dominating the NA Apex scene.

Furthermore, they are handling the renewed expectations that winning such a big tournament has brought. Could we be entering into another period of TSM domination?

NRG take 2nd place - improving on Storm Point

NRG (Rocker, Sweetdreams and Nafen) took 2nd place in February's Apex Super League. They struggled somewhat in the Knights Carnage Cup and seemed to be unsure of themselves on the new map. However, NRG seem to be finding their feet and this was a much improved performance.

They powered themselves into 2nd place with a really strong final game, securing 2nd place with 10 kills. They averaged 6.3 kills per game, a very impressive total.

NRG adapting to Storm Point

NRG are having to adapt their game plan to Storm Point slightly, and the Apex Super League being entirely on the new map is accelerating their transition.

While NRG play very strongly for 'zone' (rotating quickly and taking strong positions), the huge size of Storm Point means that there are more cases where you cannot get into zone quickly. In the Knights Carnage Cup, this sometimes saw NRG get caught out and picked off on rotate.

However, in Sweetdreams, NRG have one of the finest minds in Apex Legends and it is no surprise that they are quickly adapting. They will hope that Thursdays 2nd place is the first of many successful Storm Point showings.

Uncertainty in Competitive Apex

There will be some uncertainty as to when the likes of NRG and TSM will play again. Midway through this weeks Apex Super League action, ALGS announced a suspension of competition. This was in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is not currently known when play will resume.

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