Super League Gaming announces $30000 Apex Legends tournament cover image

Super League Gaming announces $30000 Apex Legends tournament

Apex Legends Super League Gaming started out for semi-pros. But its popularity has soared and the current season has several pro teams competing in the event.

Esports experience organizer, Super League Gaming kicked off the Super League Arena: Apex Legends on Thursday, the 27th of January. The event is an Apex Legends tournament with a $30,000 prize pool up for grabs. Super League Gaming has usually organized amateur tournaments for Apex Legends. The Super League Arena: Apex Legends will be the first all-pro competition from Super League. The tournament will span across three months from January to March 2022. With 40 teams competing for a stake in the attractive prize pool, it promises to be a spectacle.

We began a year ago with semi-pros but pro teams noticed and began reaching out to us with interest, so we expanded to pro teams for this Super League Arena season

Andy Babb, Chief GaminG officer, Super league gaming

Andy Babb, Chief Gaming Officer at Super League gaming seemed pretty enthusiastic about hosting a competition of such scale.“We’re so excited to host a tournament powered by Hyundai with some of the world’s most marquee esports teams," He said. "Our organization celebrates all levels of gamers and creators - amateur, semi-pro and professional. We’re thrilled to give fans this experience and cultivate new opportunities for exceptional, global gameplay content.”

When asked about how the Super League Arena stands out, he said "Super League Arena is designed to celebrate the journeys of participants with the highest quality broadcast and storytelling. We began a year ago with semi-pros but pro teams noticed and began reaching out to us with interest, so we expanded to pro teams for this Super League Arena season featuring Apex Legends. Brands have responded as well, with Hyundai jumping in to sponsor this season.  In sum, we've built a great balance telling fantastic stories and showing entertaining competition.".

Super League Arena Teams

As mentioned before, this will be the first time pro-teams from the big leagues will be competing in an Apex Legends tournament organized by Super League Gaming. TSM FTX will be participating in the tournament, fresh off their winning run in the ALGS NA playoffs. They'll be competing against some of the other heavy-hitters in the Apex Legends esports scene like NRG, Team Liquid, Cloud9, 100 Thieves, XSET, and more. The participants appear to be quite enthusiastic about the tournament.

We're really excited for Verhulst to be officially announced as our third for TSM FTX and the Super League Arena tournament will be another great event for us. Our guys have been working hard and have just won the ALGS Playoffs. I'm looking forward to seeing them continue to add to their wins.

Dominic Kallas, VP of Esports for TSM

With such fantastic players participating in the competition, the Super League Arena looks like it'll be an exciting event and there are plenty of great plays and exciting, fast-paced Apex Legends action that viewers can look forward to.

What's the tournament structure?

A total of 40 teams be split into two batches of 20. The teams will play two matches in January and two matches in February. Each team will earn points based on their placement across the two splits.

The top 10 teams from each split will get to compete in the finals on 31st March for the crown. The $30,000 prize pool will be divided into $5,000 rewards across the two splits and a final $20000 reward for the main prize.

Where can we watch the games?

The tournament will be streamed on Super League Gaming's Twitch channel, SuperLeagueTV. The results can be tracked on the tournament webpage. Super League socials will also actively be posting highlights and key moments from the tournament. You can watch these on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter. They will also be posting full recaps on the Super League YouTube channel.

Will there be more all-pro Super League tournaments?

While Super League Gaming has usually organized amateur and semi-pro tournaments, Super League Arena is the first time they're hosting an all-pro competition. The competition has been sponsored by Hyundai and with the caliber of players competing in the tournament, it's bound to attract plenty of viewership.

Super League Gaming CEO, Andy Babb is very excited about getting Hyundai on board as a sponsor. The tournament started as one for semi-pros but with interest from professional teams, it is expanding. There's no official confirmation of a new season, but considering the popularity of the event, fans should expect some good news soon.

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