Season 13’s first event has dropped. Join us as we break down the changes that are coming with the Awakening collection event!

Apex Legends Season 13’s first event has arrived! The Awakening collection event brings some great new anime inspired skins to the Apex games as well as gameplay adjustments. The event also brings back the fan favorite LTM Control in a new Lava Siphon map. The patch notes mainly focus on IMC Armory and the Control game mode. However, there’s also a big lifeline change in the patch as well as ranked changes.

Control Limited Time Mode fixes and changes

In the new awakening collection event, there have been updates to the Control LTM. The newest and favorite LTM of the community features a 9 v 9 objective based game mode. With the new patch, Control has some fixes as well as a brand-new map at Lava Siphon on World’s edge. The major changes are as follows:

  • The inclusion of match time limits.
  • Decreased spawn times, now at max 15 seconds rather than 20 seconds.
  • Increased capture rates for the more players present on the objective.
  • Loadout improvements with regards to LMG’s, snipers and Assault weapons.
  • A new “specialist” loadout that focuses on medium to close range combat.
  • The sniper and marksman loadouts have been merged together to create a new long-range loadout.

IMC Armory changes

The IMC Armories are Stormpoint’s newest map addition and they are a a fan favorite map change. However, once locked inside, players have been finding exploits to camp out players inside. Thus, the awakening patch has fixed a lot of the exploits revolved around the armories. These changes include:

  • Fixed the exploit in which players could use Ash’s ultimate or throw grenades into the armory while locked down.
  • The phenomenal strategy of parking a trident over top the Armories to block escapes has been removed.

Crafter Weapon changes

The Heavy weapon dominance might dwindle with the R-301 and Rampage coming out of the crafter and back to ground loot. While on the other hand, the Wingman and C.A.R are being moved into the crafter. This change might shift up the pure dominance of heavy weapons, as the return of both the Spitfire and Flatline to ground loot has allowed heavy weapons to take over the weapon meta.

Awakening collection event: Lifeline’s Big buff

The big change of the awakening patch is the update to everyone’s favorite combat medic. One of the original legends of the Apex games, Lifeline has fallen off with other legends outperforming her as the combat medic.

Awakening patch + SFTO Lifeline and Octane

In the awakening patch alongside the new Stories from the Outlands featuring her (as well as Octane), she’s gotten buffs to all her abilities. With regards to her passive, the player being revived can now cancel the revive rather than lifeline.

Her tactical D.O.C now has an unlimited healing pool and a larger radius to heal. Lastly, her care package ultimate ability has gotten 1.5 minutes shaved off its cooldown. Now with a 3.5 minute cooldown to receive a guaranteed upgrade, a new shield battery (rather than 2 shield cells) and no blue beam on the initial drop.

What do you think of these changes? Do you think the lifeline changes are enough to let her compete with the top meta picks? Let us know! For more Apex Legends content, stick around on!

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