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Octane Apex Legends Guide: Master the Adrenaline Junkie


The ultimate tips, tricks and playstyles for Octane, the best speed demon in Apex Legends.

What are Octane's best tips, tricks and playstyles for Apex Legends' most picked adrenaline junkie

Season 10 has introduced many new changes to weapons and legends alike. However, Octane saw no direct adjustments to his kit. The fast-talking, high-flying legend remains the most picked legend in the new season. This is due to his ability to quickly engage and escape any given fight. According to the Apex Legends Status data tracker, Octane sits at a 15.9% pick rate for Season 10. This makes him the most used legend overall, even more popular than the brand new legend Seer.

If you constantly have your finger on the W key or your thumb pushing forward on your joystick, then Octane is the legend for you. Let's take a look at why Octane is such a highly sought-after choice.

The ultimate kit for an Apex Legends speed demon

Octane's Tactical ability: Stim

Octane's kit is built for speed. His main ability, and the one which you'll benefit from most, is his stim. This adrenaline shot gives him a 30% boost in walk speed and a whopping 40% increase in sprint speed. Using the stim will allow aggressive players to go into a fight, do damage and quickly retreat if things get too chaotic.

It's perfect for trying to chase down the pesky third teammate that escapes when they know their team has lost the fight. Conversely, Octane players tend to be that pesky third teammate that escapes a fight. So if you're trying to track down a rogue Octane... good luck catching them. With only a 1 second cooldown between each stim, Octane is hands down the fastest character in the game.

Be warned the Stim pack consumes health after use but you can not die from using it. Why would you use an ability that drains health? Well this leads us to his next ability, Swift Mend.

Passive ability: Swift Mend

Keep in mind that each stim takes away 20% of your health bar. Thankfully his passive ability known as Swift Mend automatically regenerates 1.5 health over time. The extra speed boost will help you escape a sticky situation, but it may also may cost you your life. You can't go down to zero health by using stim alone. But, if you're in the ring, being damaged by caustic gas or you walk through a Wattson fence, using the stim can put you on the brink of death.

Ultimate Ability: Jump Pad "Wanna fly, compadre?

Octane's jumpad is the best tool for rotating across the map.
Octane's jumpad is the best tool for rotating across the map.

Octane's ultimate ability is a really fun one. He has a launch pad that can stick to any relatively flat surface and sends you flying through the air. Much like Octane's stim, the launch pad allows you to full-send on an enemy team for an aggressive engage or retreat quickly to safety if the fight isn't going your way. It's also great for simply making your way around the map, hopping over buildings and gaining high ground.

There are a few tricks to using Octane's jump pad. First off, if you are using the pad to close the gap on an opponent who's far away from you, sliding into the pad will send you the furthest at a low arc. If you are attempting to fly at a shorter distance and higher trajectory, simply run or walk onto the pad. Finally, if you melee the pad you will be sent straight up in the air vertically. This is great for surprising the enemies who may be a few floors above you in a building.

Another benefit to the jump pad came from a recent buff. In addition to the various ways of launching off the pad, you can now double jump mid-air which increases your distance.

How to unlock Octane's butterfly knife heirloom

Octane's butterfly knife heirloom also has a built-in syringe.
Octane's butterfly knife heirloom also has a built-in syringe.

Heirlooms are unique, character-specific melee weapons that add extra style points to legends. These are not pay-to-win weapons, but simply an added aesthetic. Octane's heirloom is a butterfly knife filled with his favorite green adrenaline fuel. You can use heirloom shards to craft Octane's knife, but obtaining them isn't easy. Opening Apex packs are the only way to find shards. These packs guarantee one heirloom shard set in every 500 Apex packs. So, how do you get Apex packs?

The first way is through earning XP which is gained by simply playing Apex Legends. This is the most time-consuming method. Each game played will provide you some XP depending on how well you performed. The more XP you receive, the more you level up your account. In levels 2 through 20, you'll earn one Apex pack per level. However, the higher your level the fewer packs you receive. Once you reach the maximum level of 500, you'll only receive one Apex pack for every 5 levels. Simply put, if you put the time in you will earn heirloom shards eventually.

The second method is by simply purchasing Apex packs in the in-game store. Buying 500 Apex packs will cost you roughly $500 but will guarantee you a pack of shards. If you just started playing the game and haven't opened any packs, you can expect to get your heirloom around pack number 490. If you've been playing for a bit and estimate you've opened a few hundred packs already, then it's best to purchase packs 10 at a time until you get your shards.

Apex packs also grant you other items like character skins, gun skins and crafting materials which can be used to purchase items as well.

How to play Octane: A guide to working with others

Octane and revenant together are known as Rev-tane.
Octane and revenant together are known as Rev-tane.

Yes, in fact. One of the most potent combinations in Apex Legends history is Octane and Revenant. The cyborg assassin has a Death Totem which gives players a second life. When used alongside Octane's jump pad, this is a deadly duo. Players can interact with the totem then place Octane's pad towards a nearby enemy fight and full-send through the air in zombie form. Essentially, this gives your team a free third-party attempt with little to no downside. If you die, well, back to the safety of the totem you go.

Third parties have been a major point of contention for players since the early days of King's Canyon. And the popularity of Octane and Revenant certainly don't help the issue. Let's just say that the Apex Legends community has a love-hate relationship with Rev-tane.

All in all, Octane is a top tier choice if you're looking for a new character to main. Aggressive players will find a great deal of use out of his kit, while passive players will still enjoy his mobility and ease-of-use. This speed demon is one of the most versatile players in the game. There's a reason why pros and casuals alike choose Octane as their go-to legend.

How to unlock Octane?

Octane can be unlocked with either 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens. Alternatively if you purchase the Apex Legends: Champions Edition, then Octane will come already unlocked along with Caustic, Mirage, Wattson, Crypto, Revenant, Loba, Rampart and Horizon.

How to buy Apex Legends Octane Edition?

The Octane edition is a purchasable skin pack on Origin, Steam, PS4 and XBOX One that comes with a Legendary Arachnoid Rush Octane skin, a Charge Rifle skin, a Widow Gun charm, a Venomous Badge and 1,000 Apex Coins.

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