Apex Legends Bangalore guide: Add another to the triage pile cover image

Apex Legends Bangalore guide: Add another to the triage pile

Get smoked.

Bangalore is possibly one of the most well-rounded legends in the game. With strong offensive and defensive abilities it is no wonder she is popular amongst casual and pro players alike.

However, to truly maximise the potential of Bangalore you need to fully understand her abilities and their strengths.

Our Apex Legends Bangalore guide will help you Stop, Drop and Roll like a professional in your next games.

Bangalore holospray (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Bangalore holospray (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Apex Legends Bangalore guide: What makes Bangalore a good legend?

The benefit of Bangalore is how flexible she is. Other legends get thrown mostly into aggressive, or defensive legends. If you play Caustic for instance, you are encouraged by his abilities to be really passive. If you play Revenant, you are wasting his abilities if you don't play aggressively.

Bangalore can do both well, which makes her a powerful and popular legend if mastered correctly. She is also very useful for solo queue players.


  • Flexible kit allows her to thrive in every situation
  • Smokes, especially with digital threat scopes, are very powerful in fights
  • Assault Class allows Bangalore to carry more in her inventory, and access powerful Assault Bins


  • If you do not have a digital threat, and your enemies do, your smokes can become a liability
  • Her Ultimate can be a hindrance if used improperly
Smoke Grenade Launcher (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Smoke Grenade Launcher (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Bangalore Tactical:

  • A high velocity smoke grenade launcher, that has two charges
  • 33 second cooldown on each charge
  • Smoke lasts 18 seconds, and the impact of the grenade deals 10 damage to anyone in range

The Smoke Grenade Launcher is the key aspect of her kit. The smokes provide strong, temporary cover. The ability can be used at the same time as other actions, such as reloading, firing and healing.

Smoke Grenade Launcher screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Smoke Grenade Launcher screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Smoke Grenade Launcher:

Tip #1:

Get a Digital Threat scope on your weapon. This turns Bangalores Smoke from a pretty good ability to perhaps the best in the game. You can smoke up on your enemies, shoot them through the smoke, and they won't be able to see you at all if they don't have that scope themselves.

This tip means we recommend always carrying an SMG as your secondary. 'Digi's' can go on Shotguns, but they're not as effective.

Tip #2:

One quirk of the Bangalore Smoke is how it works when you have the zone at your back. Because the zone glows brightly, you can actually be somewhat seen through it because of your silhouette. Make sure you never have your back to the zone when fighting around smokes. Alternatively, abuse this when you don't have a digi!

Tip #3:

You also need to remember that the smoke is very blinding and disorientating to play inside of. Most players have experienced a Bangalore teammate that griefs them with badly placed smokes. It's better to use smokes as a shield or a screen, than it is to sit inside them. Smoking your feet in a fight usually is more of a detriment than a help.

Double Time (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Double Time (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Bangalore Passive:

  • Double Time activates upon being hit, or when bullets/grenades barely miss you, while sprinting.
  • Grants a 30% increase in movement speed for 2 seconds.

This ability gives Bangalore a handy speedboost when taking fire. This makes her harder to hit, and can help her evade or push an enemy.

Double Time screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Double Time screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Double Time:

Tip #1:

Some of the uses of this ability might seem obvious, but a 30% speed boost is quite significant. Don't underestimate how much this can throw people off with their aim. You can escape from tough situations quite easily as long as they're not at total point blank range.

Tip #2:

You can also use this ability in the inverse. If you're being shot at, this will make you harder to hit. Your strafe will be faster, and you can even sprint at enemies to close the gap and get in their face. Perhaps, close enough to throw down a smoke and use your Digi?

Rolling Thunder (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Rolling Thunder (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Bangalore Ultimate:

  • Bangalore throws a flare, and several rows of missiles land sequentially in front of the flare.
  • Each missile stay on ground for 6 seconds before exploding. Since they land in rows, this creates a sort of wave of explosions moving forward from the flare
  • Each explosion deals 40 damage and slows enemies. This ability cannot damage squadmates, but it will still cause a slowing effect.
  • 4 minute cooldown

The Rolling Thunder is one of the most powerful Ultimate abilities in the game, and has a hefty cooldown to match. It's missiles do solid damage and hit a strong stun too. It covers a much larger area than it's closest comparison, the Gibraltar Defensive Bombardment.

Rolling Thunder screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Rolling Thunder screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Rolling Thunder:

Tip #1:

Make sure you position this ability correctly! The flare you throw to call in the airstrike should be thrown in the direction you want the missiles to start falling from. So, if you want to throw it behind you, you'll have to turn around and throw it backwards. Throwing it in front of you will mean missiles land in the direction you're trying to travel.

Tip #2:

The Missiles explode in the order they land. This means that you can "chase in" your Ultimate. If you want to force a squad back or simply clear the way for a push, throw the flare in their direction. Then, as they explode follow the missiles in. You won't be stunned by them and you can capitalise on any damage and all the space you just gained.

Tip #3:

While your teammates cannot be damaged by your Ultimate, Bangalore absolutely can. However, don't underestimate how terrible the stun can be on your teammates also. It's really important to throw your Ultimate in a way that won't entrap you, or your teammates. This can hand the advantage to your enemies.

Apex Legends Bangalore guide: What legends work well with Bangalore?

Because Bangalore's playstyle is so flexible she pairs well with basically any legend. However, some legends are extra effective.

Aggressive Playstyles:

Loba simply pairs well with Bangalore for a simple reason. The ability to find Digital Threat Scopes, and Ultimate Accelerants or Gold Helmets. These items all elevate Bangalore to an even stronger level. With Loba's passive, you don't even need her Black Market to spot Gold items.

Bloodhounds Ultimate gives them heat vision, which works through Bangalores smokes. Additionally, their scans also help track through smokes for a short time.

For Horizon, she can Gravity Lift up out of Bangalores missiles when needed. Furthermore, stacking her Back Hole ultimate with Bangalores Rolling Thunder can make a big impact in fights.

Passive Playstyles:

What Loba and Bloodhound bring to the table works for any playstyle and are very strong matches for Bangalore. Hence, we suggest them again here. Gibraltar is an interesting combination with Bangalore. Her smokes help him move around the map. But, he also has two nice combinations with Bangalore.

One, is the ability to double stack your Ultimates. This can deal a lot of damage in a short time and really siege a team in a position. Possibly even using them consecutively. Second is Bangalores Passive still activating when you get shot inside Gibraltars Dome. That allows Bangalore to shoot out with a speed boost or strafe extra fast in those 'Bubble Fights.'

Bangalore has what it takes to help you excel in your next Apex Legends games. Take to the Outlands, Smoke Launcher in hand and give them both barrels.

Thanks for reading our Apex Legends Bangalore guide.

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