Apex Legends Caustic guide: Let out your toxicity cover image

Apex Legends Caustic guide: Let out your toxicity

It’s okay to be Toxic…

Caustic is one of the most controversial legends in the game. When you use him, he is devastatingly powerful in the right situations. When you face him, he is one of the most annoying (or even toxic...?) legends in the game.

This love hate relationship perfectly characterises Caustic. He is an evil, scheming scientist who lacks a moral compass. In game, he is a space denying, building fortifying tank that can make small spaces and tight end zones completely uninhabitable for enemies.

You might might not make many friends, but this Apex Legends Caustic guide will help you win your matches.

Caustic screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Caustic screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Apex Legends Caustic Guide: What makes Caustic a good legend?

Caustic's strength is in how he can make an area totally unplayable, slow down pushes and get enemies killed without even having to fire his weapon. Fighting a Caustic who has set up in a building, or in the final ring, is one of the hardest things in the entire game.

Not only does his gas deal heavy damage. But, he can even block doors and lock things off by placing his traps tactically.


  • Gas deals huge damage directly to enemies HP, bypassing Shields.
  • Caustic can stall fights for a long time, getting your attackers killed or weakened by third parties.
  • Having Caustic in the final ring can be devastatingly effective, when enemies cannot escape your gas.


  • Caustic has a large hitbox, and is very vulnerable in open spaces.
  • If there is not pressure on the team pushing you, getting grenades in through windows can counter Caustic effectively.
  • Caustic isn't well suited to pubs.
Nox Gas Trap (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Nox Gas Trap (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Caustic Tactical:

  • Place up to 6 canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies.
  • Triggered traps last 11 seconds, and the gas lingers for an additional 2 seconds.
  • Each damage tick deals 5 damage to start, then ramps up by 1 every other tick. (e.g. 5, 5, 6, 6, 7, 7, etc.)
  • Barrels can be destroyed by shooting them as they inflate, shooting their base when not activated or by dealing 150 damage when active.

The Nox Gas Trap is the core of Caustic's arsenal. The, up to 6, barrels that can be placed deal good damage and can help you lock down a position securely. With a decent cooldown of 20 seconds you get barrels back reasonably frequently.

Nox Gas Trap screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Nox Gas Trap screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Nox Gas Trap:

Tip #1:

The Gas Traps can block doors - making it hard for enemies to enter a building. If they kick the door, the Gas Trap will be instantly activated and start dealing flesh damage. This works particularly well when there are lots of teams who can see your attackers and chip damage away at them. All while you sit safely inside.

Tip #2:

Gas traps are far more vulnerable before they are activated. If you want to use these traps to cover a revive for example, shooting the trap once will activate the Gas. This gives them the 150HP and will deter enemies from pushing your position. This tactic also works for preventing Caustic EMP's from destroying the traps too.

Tip #3:

While the primary purpose of the traps is to help you defend an area they can also be helpful early warning systems. All your placed traps show up on the map, and you get a notification if a trap is activated. You can tactically place your Traps in positions you want to monitor. If they are shot, they will vanish from the map. If they are activated, you'll be notified.

Nox Vision (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Nox Vision (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Caustic Passive:

  • Caustic is immune to the effects of Nox Gas whether it belongs to him or an enemy Caustic.
  • Enemies inside Caustic's Gas are highlighted in green, working like a Digital Threat scope.

Gas can be very disorientating and clouds the vision of anyone inside it. To help Caustic fight in his Gas, he has the Nox Vision passive. This is essentially a Digital Threat scope but for his eyes, and only when inside of Gas. Notably, this works for both friendly and enemy Caustic Gas.

Caustic screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Caustic screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Nox Vision:

Tip #1:

It's important to remember that Caustic gets vision, and immunity in friendly AND enemy Gas. That means that if you are facing an enemy Caustic you're the one who can get in there, take space and destroy barrels.

Tip #2:

Because you have the vision inside the Gas, if you do get the Digital Threat scope on your weapon, you should share this with your teammates ideally. That way, they will also benefit from enhanced vision inside your Gas.

Nox Gas Grenade (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Nox Gas Grenade (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Caustic Ultimate:

  • Blankets a large area in Nox gas.
  • Gas will last 15 seconds.
  • Damage works the same way as in the Nox Gas Traps.

The most powerful part of his kit is undoubtedly his Nox Gas Grenade Ultimate ability. A large cloud of gas, dealing ever increasing damage, that can turn a fight around in an instant.

Nox Gas Grenade screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Nox Gas Grenade screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Nox Gas Grenade:

Tip #1:

Never die with this Grenade in your pocket. Even if you get caught out in the open, throwing your Nox Gas grenade at your feet will help tick damage off your opponent when you fight them. That could make the crucial health difference between you winning the 1v1 or not.

Tip #2:

When you can, think about trying to use this ability in closed and confined areas. If the Gas cannot be bypassed it is utterly devastating. This works especially well if you are pushing a team in a building. Get your Ultimate down inside the building, and the enemies either have to leave or take serious damage.

Tip #3:

We've already emphasised how good Caustic's Nox Gas grenade is in tight spaces. Where it is at it's absolute maximum effectiveness is in the very last seconds of a game. When the Ring is small, your enemies have nowhere left to hide. If you get a Caustic Ultimate down in the last moments of a game, you'll win more matches than you lose.

Apex Legends Caustic guide: What legends work well with Caustic?

Caustic can be used both aggressively and defensively. Undoubtedly, being in the Controller Class and his kit being so strong at holding positions he certainly suits a passive playstyle more.

Aggressive Playstyles:

Crypto works especially well with Caustic. The EMP and Caustic Nox Gas combination is one of the strongest ways to take a position in the game. The EMP damages shields and stuns them, then the Gas ticks away at their Health while you burst in.

Valkyrie and Gibraltar formed a really strong meta with Caustic back in Summer 2022. Together they help Caustic move around the map, protect him in open spaces and add flexibility when things are getting too dicey.

Passive Playstyles:

For Passive Playstyles, the Crypto and Caustic combination still holds up. Then, the queen of sitting in zone is undoubtedly Loba. She allows you to safely loot and build resources from the comfort of a building. Additionally, Wraith helps Caustic with micro rotations if the zone moves away or you want to third party a nearby fight.

Playing Caustic might not win you any friends, but it can certainly win you plenty of matches. Especially in those sweaty ranked end games, Caustic is undoubtedly one of the best legends in the game. He might have some weaknesses in open spaces but if you get him to the final rings, he delivers.

Thanks for reading our Apex Legends Caustic Guide.

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