Apex Legends Season 13 Care Package and Replicator weapons Overview cover image

Apex Legends Season 13 Care Package and Replicator weapons Overview

As Apex seasons change, there are new weapons in the care package and replicators. Join us as we break down the 6 weapons found in them!

As we move from season to season, there are constant changes to the care package weapons as well as the new addition of Replicator weapons. In Season 13, there are 4 care package weapons and 2 weapons in the crafter. Although some weapons like the Kraber have been in the package for ages, there are new additions. So, let's break down all the care package and replicator weapons in season 13.

Care Package Weapons

Mastiff moved to the Care Package

A fan-favorite weapon, the Mastiff is a semi-automatic shotgun that has recently moved to the care package. Like all shotguns in Apex, the Mastiff has a unique spray pattern in which the pellets for the mastiff fire in a horizontal line. The horizontal pellet spread works well for the Mastiff, as you can tear through opponents if you line up the spread.

This coincides with the buffs the Mastiff received by moving to the care package in season 13. The Mastiff is truly a menace this season and is definitely worth grabbing if you find it.


Prior to its move to the care package in season 12, the Volt overtook the other SMG class weapons in terms of popularity. Its consistent damage, fast fire rate, and low recoil have made it one of the best weapons of season 12. Now, with its move to the care package, it's even better than in season 11.

If you manage to find a Volt in the care package, it's almost a guaranteed pick-up. It's a menace at close and mid-range, unlike its other SMG counterparts. The cherry on top is that the Volt has some great and colorful skins out there compared to other weapons.

Kraber a Care Package Staple

The Kraber has been in the Care package since day 1, and for a good reason. The insanely powerful sniper rifle can pump out insane damage (even with its recent nerf). Prior to its nerf, a clean headshot could take out an opponent at almost any armor level.

However, in season 13, the Kraber has been brought down a peg. With the season 13 patch notes, there was a damage nerf to both the base damage and headshot multiplier, the Kraber does significantly less damage. Regardless, dealing 280 damage to an opponent is nothing to scoff at.

G7 Scout

The G7 Scout has been around since the start of Apex and still hasn't found its sweet spot. Even with the move into the care package back in season 11, the buffs didn't help the weapon. However, it still got a great damage profile and with its double-tap trigger hop up it can still decimate at mid to long ranges.

Replicator Weapons

Season 12 introduced weapons in the crafters. Removing fan favorite weapons like the Flatline and Longbow from ground loot and only able to be crafted for 30 materials. This change was surprising to most but re-introduced the value of crafters for not only weapons but other items. In season 13, the R-301 and Rampage have moved into the crafter.


The R-301 is the "Old reliable" for most Apex players. The classic weapon is the standard assault rifle class weapon you find in most games. With well-rounded stats all over the board, the R-301 is a phenomenal, consistent weapon. Now, it's easy to acquire such a good and consistent weapon from the crafters in a similar way the Flatline did last season.


The Rampage is quite the unique weapon to be moved to the crafter. Arguably the best LMG in the game, the Rampage has been a menace since its introduction in Season 10. Even despite its constant nerfs the Rampage is still a great weapon. However, due to the move to the crafter and re-introduction of the Spitfire to ground loot, the Rampage has lost its popularity.

And those are the 6 weapons featured in the care package and replicators in season 13. What weapons do you think will be moved to the care package or replicators in future seasons? Let us know! For more Apex content, stick around on Esports.gg!