Your Average Skill Rating isn’t exactly explained in XDefiant, so we’ll do our best to break it down for you.

As you play through XDefiant, you'll contribute to a handful of career stats such as win/loss ratio, kill/death ratio, score per minute, and your Average Skill Rating.

That latter is what we'll focus on here, giving you an explanation on what exactly it means. In summary, the higher the number, the more skilled the game recognizes you as.

How to check Average Skill Rating in XDefiant

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It is pretty easy to see what your Average Skill Rating is in XDefiant. After you play a handful of matches, you can follow these steps to view it:

  1. Launch XDefiant
  2. Select the Profile tab from the top
  3. Open Career Stats
  4. Look for the Avg. Skill Rating number in the Performance Stats box on the right

This is also how you can check the aforementioned stats, along with your overall playtime. This includes a breakdown of playtime across all Factions.

What does Average Skill Rating mean?

It really does feel like an arbitrary number, but it does feel nice to see a high Average Skill Rating in XDefiant. You just need to perform well consistently to raise it.

That's all there is to it. If you win more than you lose, get more kills than deaths, and contribute to controlling objectives, you'll see a decent Average Skill Rating.

As the game says, trends are calculated over the last 10 games. If you have an amazing run across those 10 games, you'll see a large percentage increase compared to if you had a couple good games mixed with some underwhelming ones.

It isn't a rank or MMR even, considering matchmaking is wide open in XDefiant. It's definitely a number you can be proud of, but it is not one you should put too much thought into unless the devs come out with a better reasoning for its existence.

Does it affect matchmaking?

As we just stated, matchmaking is wide open. There is no skill-based matchmaking in XDefiant's basic queues. Of course, the Welcome Playlist and any ranked modes will match you with players of similar skills.

Your Average Skill Rating is taken into consideration for that Welcome Playlist, but ranked more than likely matches you with players around the same rank. So, again, your Average Skill Rating in XDefiant is just a fancy way to show off how much you farm noobs.

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