The XDefiant Ranked meta has shown that only a handful of weapons are truly worth using if you want to climb your way to Legends.

XDefiant Ranked is here and so is a defined meta of weapons and Factions. As always, you can play whatever style you want, but you'll probably run into a slew of players using similar loadouts.

If you want to level the playing field and try to match these players, we've got you covered. Let's take a look at the best weapons to use for XDefiant Ranked according to the meta.

Meta weapons everyone is using in XDefiant Ranked

The ACR is hands down one of the best weapons in XDefiant (Screenshot via
The ACR is hands down one of the best weapons in XDefiant (Screenshot via

You won't get far in XDefiant Ranked using an off-meta weapon. The other players will outshine you easily. That makes it important to know what weapons work best, because you can tweak loadouts to your liking, but absolutely need the meta guns.

YouTuber itsBenny put together a wonderful video showcasing the best weapons and their loadouts to use in the ranked mode. You can use that as a base for loadout purposes, as we are just going to go over what guns fit the XDefiant ranked meta from the meta categories.

Assault rifles

  • AK-47
  • ACR 6.8
  • M16A4

Most of the assault rifles in XDefiant can be dangerous weapons. The three above, however, are on top of the ranked meta. The AK-47 and M16 are untouchable in terms of damage, while the ACR gives great range and diversity in terms of loadouts.

Submachine guns

  • MP7
  • Vector .45 ACP

Fast players are all over ranked in XDefiant, which is why the above SMG weapons are a part of the meta. You can lock in with the MP7 or Vector in a variety of styles. More damaging versions can lock down objectives, or more mobile versions can keep you zooming from point to point.

Sniper rifles

  • TAC-50

The TAC-50 is definitely the best sniper rifle in XDefiant. If you want to sit back and snipe, do so on defense during Escort or Zone Control. You can make a mobile quickscoping build or a more powerful loadout if you are determined to sit in one stop.

Marksman rifles

  • MK 20 SSR

Marksman rifles are often overlooked in first-person shooters. If you want a deadly single-shot weapon in XDefiant ranked, though, look no further than the MK 20 SSR. You're able to take enemies down in just a couple of shots to the body, but can remain much more mobile than with a sniper rifle.

Other XDefiant weapon categories just don't fit the ranked meta

LMGs are useful, but not in XDefiant ranked (Screenshot via
LMGs are useful, but not in XDefiant ranked (Screenshot via

Unless you're playing Domination in XDefiant ranked, weapons like light machine guns or shotguns are out of the meta. They won't help you in speedier modes like Escort, Occupy, and Zone Control. There isn't much chance to camp in those.

An LMG and shotgun work to mow enemies down in a short amount of time, but it definitely removes speed and range from your buildout. To keep up with the enemy team, a mobile and damaging AR or SMG are typically the way to go, but the other rifle categories can do the trick.

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