XDefiant has exploded into the gaming scene. Here is a tier list, ranking all the guns from S-tier (best) to D-tier (worst).

XDefiant has been all the craze lately, and many are compiling their own tier list together for the guns used within the game. With many different weapons to choose from, players have to think strategically when deciding what to use.

While some guns are much better than others, there are still a lot that fit in the A or B-tier list. Here is our XDefiant gun tier list.

Ranking the guns in XDefiant (Full tier list)

While some weapons may be of more substantial use to different players, there are still guns that are, without a doubt, much better than others.

Here is a full tier list, ranking all the guns in XDefiant from S-tier (the best) to D-tier (the worst).


Very few weapons within the game make it under the S-tier category. While quite a few will be named under A-tier, there are only a few that truly stand out amongst the rest.

Every S-tier weapon in XDefiant:

  • Tac-50
  • M44

Both being snipers, the Tac-50 and M44 are absolute beasts in XDefiant. While many have called for the guns to be nerfed, it seems like others are utilizing their strengths to their favor.

These snipers can basically be used as shotguns at times, with how strong and accurate their shots are. Eventually, we could see the two weapons receiving a serious nerf, so get your use out of them now.


Quite a few weapons fall under the category of A-tier for us. This means they are some of the best guns in the game and more than likely the future meta. Many of these guns are also balanced, meaning they have just as much of a risk using as they do a reward.

Every A-tier weapon in XDefiant:

  • MP7
  • P90
  • ACR
  • M16

All four of these weapons are heavy hitters but still require skill from the player using them. As long as you have honed your aim, then any of these guns will be suitable. Still, though, two of these weapons are SMGs while the other two are ARs, meaning you will have to adjust your playstyle depending on which gun you choose.


B-tier weapons in XDefiant sort of fall below being great, but are always considered a bit above average. Many of these guns are still used quite often, and when in the hands of the right player, they can be incredibly useful.

Every B-tier weapon in XDefiant:

  • Vector
  • Double Barrel
  • AK
  • M249

Our B-Tier list not only has ARs and SMGs, but we have even included a shotgun. While many despise those who use shotguns in games like XDefiant, it can also be noted that a decent amount of skill is required when only to be able to fight at close range.


C-tier weapons are considered average, in our opinion. These are guns that are fun to use but do not hold a flame to some of the tiers higher than them. Still, many of these weapons can be of great use if the player knows what they are doing.

Every C-tier weapon in XDefiant:

  • MP5
  • MK20SSR
  • SVD
  • RPK
  • M870
  • M60

Our C-tier list is a bit more cluttered compared to the other tiers, but that is simply because it is a list of the guns considered average within XDefiant. None of these weapons are terrible, but there are still a lot better ones to choose from.


D-tier would be considered the lowest of the low for our XDefiant tier list. None of these weapons even reach average status, making them almost useless within the game. Sure, some players may find a way to utilize these guns, but not us.

Every D-tier weapon in XDefiant:

  • M4A1
  • MK20

It is safe to say, that both the M4 and the MK20 should not even be bothered with. But hey, you do you.

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