Does XDefiant take up a lot of space? Or is it a relatively small game?

Wanting to download the newest competitive shooter, XDefiant, but are not sure whether or not you have the space for it on your system? Here is the XDefiant download size across all platforms.

All XDefiant download sizes across platforms

XDefiant, the new free-to-play first-person shooter game, is currently available across all three major platforms (PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5). What's great is the fact that the game does not take too much space from your console or PC compared to other games such as Call of Duty.

So how big is XDefiant? And how does its size differ across all platforms?


With competitive esports on the rise, many gamers are switching to PC to play games similar to XDefiant. It is no secret that shooters are much better on a computer, as a keyboard and mouse are much easier to aim and shoot with.

So, what is the size of XDefiant on PC?

  • 30.07 GB


Luckily, XDefiant is also playable on Xbox Series X/S. Typically, a lot of competitive games have been releasing only on PC. So, you would think that such a large shooter game would take up quite a bit of size on an Xbox console, right?

XDefiant size on Xbox:

  • 30.08 GB


With XDefiant being available on both PC and Xbox, it means that the game is also playable on PS5. Due to the game being crossplay, many gamers are not worried about which platform they choose to play the shooter on.

So, what is the size of XDefiant on PS5?

  • 30.07 GB

As you can see, XDefiant is around the same size on all platforms, making it a pretty universal game. Those worried about it taking up too much space on their console should not fret. Every platform only requires around 30 GB of space.

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