How many people can play in an XDefiant match?

The newest craze in the gaming world is the first-person shooter, XDefiant. Similar to games like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege and more, XDefiant has different game modes that players can face off against other teams while playing. But how many players are in an XDefiant match?

Number of players in an XDefiant Match

Every game in XDefiant consists of 12 players - a 6v6 match.

XDefiant has become extremely popular upon its release, as many players are flocking to download the brand-new game. The action is incredibly fast-paced and gives players a chance to show off their first-person shooting skills.

While many are having trouble actually getting into the game, XDefiant still offers a promising future for the world of competitive shooters.

Every XDefiant game mode:

  • Domination
  • Occupy
  • Hotshot
  • Escort
  • Zone Control

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Where to download XDefiant

To download XDefiant on PC you just need to head to Ubisoft's website. Here you can download the title to play on your PC. If you are on Xbox or PS5, just head to their respective stores and download the game.

And yes, it is free!

XDefiant weapons and devices

XDefiant has a large selection of weapons, attachments, devices and more for players to use. This makes the game incredibly lucrative and fun from a gamer's standpoint.

Players can mess around with different load-outs, attempting to find one that suits them best.

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When did XDefiant first release?

While the beta has been out for a bit now, the actual game released on May 21, 2024.

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