XDefiant has five game modes at launch.

XDefiant has a few game modes with different objectives. Choosing a mode to play means the necessity to adjust your individual tactics and team strategies. As a shooting game with character factions, XDefiant rewards creative approaches in team composition and even in selecting new classes after respawns. 

All XDefiant game modes can be divided into two categories: Arena and Liner.

Arena modes in XDefiant

In this type of game mode, XDefiant teams compete in symmetrical gameplay: both have identical objectives. Earning more points during a shooting match is an example of such a mode.


This is a zone-control game mode. Your team has to establish its dominance on three specific points and claim that territory. The other team has the same goal, creating intense battles around the target locations.

This mode allows players to plan their actions better as well. Teams can decide what zone to take first and where to go next. As the opponents also have their plans, the initial ideas should be dynamically adjusted. Both teams should also think about protecting their captured zones.


This XDefiant game mode is somewhat similar to Domination. Teams fight to take a zone under their control. The key difference is that in Occupy, the target location is only one, and it appears on new parts of the map throughout a match.

Players have to be ready for unpredictable situations, as premade strategies may fall apart immediately. Being mobile is very important in the XDefiant Occupy mode.


Killed opponents drop a bounty, and collecting it gives a point to your team. Players accumulate these items, and one with the biggest number of bounties at a specific moment becomes a Hotshot. It’s not just a name! A Hotshot shoots and moves quicker. The problem is that opponents see Hotshots on their maps and are naturally motivated to attack such a player.

The goal of this game mode in XDefiant is to have more points on your team. Hotshot players help with this as they have a score multiplier for bounties.

To be effective in every mode, XDefiant players should know about the available factions. Also, some character types may be better for different playing styles. The key to success is to highlight your personal strengths.

Linear modes in XDefiant

Here, we have a classic shooting game concept. One team is the defender and the other team is the attacker. Depending on their side, XDefiant players should choose different strategies, including team roles.


One team has to protect a package, which moves through the map and should reach its destination within a specific time span. To make the package move, players should stand near it — the more players there are, the quicker the movement.

The other team tries to protect their spawn zone, which is the destination for the payload. They should stop the package by pushing the defenders away from it. They can even make the package move back by totally controlling the area around it. The path is predetermined, so both teams can plan their pressure points. 

Zone Control

The action happens on a linear map and has five zones for attackers to occupy. Taking a location under control is permanent in this XDefiant mode, so you don’t need to think about defending it for too long. Is a zone already yours? Move further!

Defenders have to stop this progression, and they certainly should unleash appropriate strategies.

Playing XDefiant is super fun, and the game is going to get new modes in the upcoming seasons. For everything about this shooting game, stick around on esports.gg.

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