These characters are great for defensive roles, and therefore GSK are better for specific modes and team compositions.

Having various character factions in XDefiant allows players to emphasize their favorite style and create the most effective teams — for all the game modes. GSK is a faction based on the game Rainbow Six Siege and specifically on GSG 9, a German police unit that is focused on counter-terrorism and special operations.

In this guide, we discuss how to play GSK in XDefiant: the best game plan for this faction, preferable modes, the most effective weapons, and some team composition ideas.

GSK in XDefiant: Gameplan

These aspects make GSK XDefiant characters perfect for a defensive playstyle.

  • Their abilities include ADS, or Active Defense System. You place a special device in a relatively hidden place, and it deactivates all the grenades thrown by your opponents. 
  • The ability Shockwire secures a specific area, blocking ways and making opponents rushing through this obstacle vulnerable. Choose it only if you have good knowledge of XDefiant maps.
  • The helmets protect GSK from sniper headshots. Killing them from afar is still problematic — if the GSK player is quick in changing their positioning and finding the source of danger.

Thanks to the abilities and decreased headshot damage, the GSK faction characters are great for camping in a limited area, destroying waves of attacking enemies. This should be the main focus with XDefiant GSK.

Active Defense System of the GSK faction (image via XDefiant)
Active Defense System of the GSK faction (image via XDefiant)

Offensive style for GSK

XDefiant is a lot about rotations on the maps, and it is rather impossible to play only defensively. GSK can be helpful during attacks too.

  • Flash Shield protects from bullets and allows players to stun their opponents.

This ability is great when you have teammates nearby. A GSK character comes first and reveals the opponents’ position. More mobile factions rush forward and stop the opponents from surrounding GSK and shooting their open sides.

Low mobility and a somewhat limited view are downsides of this XDefiant faction during the offensive missions.

Flash Shield of GSK (image vie XDefiant)
Flash Shield of GSK (image vie XDefiant)

The best XDefiant game modes for GSK

Zone Control, Domination, and Occupy are perfect for GSK in XDefiant. In both these game modes, you need defensive characters who can make a capture zone a relatively safe home base. It’s the primary specialization of GSK!

There are three capture zones in Domination, so a GSK character still has to move around them. The capture zone in Occupy changes its location regularly.

Again, GSK players should know how to rotate on the map safely to unleash the protective abilities in new areas. XDefiant matches in the game mode Zone Control don’t include the necessity for team rotation. Take your GSK soldiers to these battles!

GSK tactics in Escort, Team Domination, and Capture the Flag

These three game modes are less suitable for the GSK faction — especially Escort. 

Campling is possible in Team Domination. Find a good place, secure it with Shockwire, and actively look around, spotting the opponents. Most players in this mode run a lot looking for victims. Make them your prey instead.

GSK may be helpful in Capture the Flag. XDefiant players should combine offense and defense here, so someone obviously has to keep the opponents away from the team’s flag. Without the attacking forces, this will not be effective, though. Good team composition is essential for playing GSK in XDefiant.

XDefiant team composition for GSK

When you play XDefiant with friends or see a GSK teammate during online matchmaking, you can complement the strength of these characters with other factions.

  • Libertad (Far Cry 6) — these are the best partners for the defensive style of GSK. Thanks to the healing abilities, they make protecting the home base much easier.
  • Echelon (Splinter Cell) — the ability to reveal opponents (Intel Suit) is quite useful in both defense and offense. For GSK, it may help to see attackers earlier and make their rotations safer.
  • Phantoms (Ghost Recon Phantoms) — while characters are good at offense, their shield ability (Mag Barrier) can help protect the area even better. Phantoms also may accompany GSK during team rotations.

GSK’s best weapon in XDefiant

In addition to universal assault rifles, GSK will benefit from using LMGs and shotguns as primary weapons.

  • LMGs, or light machine guns are damaging and have a lot of ammo. Their disadvantage is low mobility, which is not a big problem for the defensive style of GSK.
  • Shotguns are tricky to use in active offense, as you need to come really close to your opponents to make a good shot. If GSK camp properly, the victims come directly to their hands.
  • Assault rifles (like M16A4) are good for most factions in offense and defense. Take them if you don’t want to sacrifice some features to emphasize others.

How to play against GSK?

The DedSec faction from Watch Dogs 2 is the best against GSK in XDefiant. Their Ultra ability Lockout can deactivate ADS. The spiderbot ability will help to ruin protective measures.

Cleaners from The Division are great for destroying everything on the opponent's bases. It’s difficult for GSK to stand against them.

Being cautious in your offense should help you handle GSK with other factions. Check which protective ability they use and act accordingly: destroy Shockwire or use other approaches; don’t rely on your grenades if there is ADS deployed.

To improve your results in XDefiant, stick around in for other guides and helpful articles.