XDefiant’s ranked playlist has familiar game modes in it, but the rules on how the modes are played differ ever so slightly.

If you've played XDefiant prior to Season 1, you are probably familiar with the game modes coming to ranked. There are some changes made to fit a more competitive structure in terms of the rules, however.

We'll go over each ranked mode and if anything makes it different than the casual playlist version in XDefiant.

Each XDefiant ranked game mode and its differing rules from casual play

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

Four modes launched with XDefiant ranked in Season 1. The objectives are the same, but the way rounds play out differ among some of them. We've got you covered on how.


Each zone is predetermined in Occupy while playing the XDefiant ranked mode. This means you can study the maps to know where the next zone will be and make a solid plan with your team to rotate there and dominate.


Domination does not have a score cap. Instead, a mercy rule is in place if one team just simply can't catch up with the amount of time left. The big difference here is that each team gets a chance to start on both sides of the map, with a five minute timer per side.

Zone Control

Zone Control remains mostly the same as its casual mode when you come across in XDefiant ranked. You'll still go after the zones, unlocking more as you go. The change here is that defending teams can reduce attacking team's progression to the nearest quarter of the circle.


Escort is the one mode with zero differences when you compare its casual to its ranked counterpart in XDefiant. Both teams get a chance as the escorting team and the defending team, trying to get the package to the end of the line in the fastest time.

Will any other modes be added to XDefiant ranked?

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

Other modes have been confirmed to arrive in XDefiant in Season 1 and after. So, will they add them to ranked? It is almost a guarantee, but Ubisoft hasn't commented on it just yet.

With modes like Capture the Flag and Bomb, a Search and Destroy style mode, you can probably expect them to join. They are prominent modes in other competitive games such as Halo and Call of Duty after all.

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