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Capture the Flag is a super dynamic mode in the shooting game XDefiant. Both teams should use offensive and defensive actions to protect their flag and capture one from the opponents. Skills and good weapon layouts sure are helpful for succeeding here, but you may also boost your progress in XDefiant’s Capture the Flag thanks to the tips and tricks from this article.

What is Capture the Flag in XDefiant?

The main rules of this game mode are pretty straightforward. Players are divided into two teams: 6v6. There is a team’s flag indicated by a blue circle right next to the spawn zone. And there is the opponents’ flag that's highlighted with a red circle.

The goal is to capture the opponents’ flag and bring it to your base. A team gets a point only if their own flag is present on the base.

A team with four points in the total score wins the Capture the Flag XDefiant match. If the timer runs out, a team with more points wins.

The basic gameplay is nicely shown in the official trailer.

The best factions for XDefiant Capture the Flag

The first thing to decide for yourself in this game mode is what you are going to do: protect your flag or be in the attacking squad. XDefiant allows players to change their factions between respawns, so the decision should depend on the current match situation and your teammates’ actions.


  • GSK are pretty good at defending the flag. It’s better to use their Shockwire ability to block some approaches and then camp nearby observing open paths. Shockwire can be put directly around the flag. Extra protection from headshots is also helpful for the XDefiant GSK faction.
  • Cleaners are great at dealing damage, which may be helpful for both defense and offense. However, the passive ability applies a shortened range, which may be inconvenient for offensive combat. Both active abilities may help Cleaners to eliminate attacking opponents and secure safety directly around the flag.
A team’s flag in CTF XDefiant (Image via
A team’s flag in CTF XDefiant (Image via


  • Phantoms have all sorts of shields to approach the opponents’ base relatively safely. These abilities also help deliver the flag to your home area. The offensive style is good for this faction.
  • Echelon can use both of their abilities effectively in the Capture the Flag offense. Intel Suit reveals defenders’ positions. Digital Ghillie Suit gives players a chance to approach the flag unnoticed.

Universal style

  • Libertad are mainly about defense thanks to their healing abilities, but the trick is that you also need that to bring the opponents’ flag safely to your base. The ability BioVida Boost will be better for this, as you should heal on the go, and when the flag carrier runs, the stationary healing gas of El Remedio doesn’t help. On the other hand, while camping around your base, Libertad can provide healing for the defenders, and El Remedio may be better for this.

It is a rare thing in XDefiant when you can follow only one style. In the Capture the Flag mode, most action happens in between the teams’ base, so you need to be ready for defense and attack. Still, the decision to focus on one at a chosen moment is crucial for a team's success.

Team composition tips

It’s nice to have a variety of factions in an XDefiant team for a Capture the Flag match. You can do it after the teammates decide on their characters in random matchmaking. Stable teams certainly bring better results.

  • Libertad and GSK work nicely together as defenders.
  • Two Echelon characters in a team are not too many considering how good the faction’s abilities are for this game mode.
  • Emphasizing the presence of Cleaners and Phantoms is a situational decision, depending on what you currently want to achieve.
  • DedSec may be pretty helpful, but they are also tricky to use and require good experience.
Opponents’ flag in CTF XDefiant (Image via
Opponents’ flag in CTF XDefiant (Image via

XDefiant weapons for Capture the Flag

The most universal piece of advice for Capture the Flag XDefiant weapons is to level up your guns and use good loadouts for them. Otherwise, you just don’t get the most out of these tools.

Then, the exact choice strongly depends on your personal preferences and the current style.

  • LMGs are good for defenders who prefer camping around the base.
  • SMGs may find their use in the middle zone, with more focus on defense.
  • Assault rifles are great for offense, but the weapon is rather universal.
  • Sniper rifles require patience and good knowledge of the maps. They are difficult to use in such a dynamic mode, but in the right hands, sniper rifles do magic.

General tips and tricks

Here are other pieces of advice to help you be more successful in XDefiant Capture the Flag.

  • Choose a playing style, defense or offense, and follow it.
  • Be ready to change your style depending on the situation. If everyone in your team rushes to the opponents’ base, be the one to stay near your flag to protect it.
  • Enroll your defensive devices right near the flag, but don’t stay there. You are an easy victim around that spot. Hide nearby and look who is approaching.
  • Try and unleash your defense somewhat closer to the map’s middle section. The opponents may be careless there.
  • Use your understanding of the defense techniques against your opponents: don’t expose yourself around the opponent’s flag, someone may be camping nearby. Be ready for action in the middle area even if you aim at the opponent’s base.
  • Passageways with Shockwire may be less protected, as the opponents may rely on them too much.
  • Learning the Arena maps in other modes will help you be better at Capture the Flag.
  • Don’t give up! Leveling up XDefiant weapons is crucial, and you will get better tools after persistent attempts even if they are not really successful.

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