Unlock every character in XDefiant with our handy guide.

Faction characters are a key part of XDefiant, Ubisofts new FPS. Factions in XDefiant are all inspired by a different Ubisoft series. With each of the five XDefiant Factions having three characters, there are a lot of characters to unlock.

XDefiant is currently in pre-season, and barring DedSec you can play one character per faction without completing any challenges.

Here's what you need to do to unlock every character in XDefiant:

XDefiant all characters per Faction:

  • Phantoms (Ghost Recon Phantoms)
    • Gorgon
    • Rhino
    • Singa
  • Libertad (Far Cry 6)
    • Beto
    • Iselda
    • Seleste
  • Cleaners (The Division)
    • De Rosa
    • Green
    • Kersey
  • Echelon (Splinter Cell)
    • Malee
    • Rafa
    • Samir
  • DedSec (Watch Dogs)
    • Gia
    • Jing
    • Sebastian

How to unlock Faction characters in XDefiant

Besides DedSec, all XDefiant factions will have one character unlocked automatically. These are DeRosa, Singa, Malee and Iselda.

For all of the other characters, you must complete the challenges assigned to each of them. The challenges are as follows:

Cleaners (The Division)

  • Green – Get 50 Kills with Incinerator Drone
  • Kersey – Get 50 Kills with Firebomb

Echelon (Splinter Cell)

  • Rafa – Get 50 Intel Suit Spot Assists
  • Samir – Get 100 Kills While Using Digital Ghillie Suit

Libertad (Far Cry 6)

  • Beto – Heal 5,000 to Allies with BioVida Boost
  • Seleste – Heal 5,000 to Allies with El Remedio


  • Gorgon – Block 10,000 Damage with Mag Barrier
  • Rhino – Get 25 Kills with Blitz Shield

Completing the challenge automatically unlocks the associated characters in XDefiant. You can track the progress on those challenges through the Challenges tab on the main menu. You'll find them under 'Base', and then 'Faction Characters'.

However, what about DedSec characters? How are they unlocked?

Currently you can either:

  • Pay 1,000 XCoins (which is about $10)
  • Earn 700,000 XP

That covers all of the characters currently avaliable for unlock in XDefiant. Stay tuned to esports.gg for the latest XDefiant news and updates