Don’t throw your XDefiant Ranked matches by ensuring you are using the most powerful and dominant Factions available.

XDefiant Ranked is a completely different beast than its casual mode counterpart. If you want to excel in the ranked mode, you'll need to determine the best XDefiant Factions to go along with the best guns.

The right Faction can make a huge difference, especially when looking at the meta. You'll want a character with abilities that can be used both offensively and defensively. Let's take a look.

The best Factions to use while playing XDefianted Ranked.

Any Faction can be worthwhile if you really know how to use it, but if you're looking for what works best in XDefiant Ranked, look no further.

While the likes of the Cleaners, Libertad, and Echelon are great if they are your go to, seasoned players will put you in the ground with the other three Factions. Of course, this is just for Season 1, and other Factions may arrive in later season.

We'll update this then, but up until that point, the following should be your choice.


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The Phantoms are a wonderful Faction for XDefiant Ranked. They start the match with extra health and have three abilities that make it easy to move in on attack or defense.

The Mag Barrier blocks shots and helps you get into position. The Blitz Shield is great for sitting in a corner and capturing a point. And the Ultra of Aegis can do it all as it takes a lot of shots to bring it down and no one will dare get close.


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DedSec is the perfect counter-Faction for really all of them in XDefiant Ranked. The ability to replenish devices such as a mine or EMP is invaluable. The annoying Spiderbot is a great way to keep the enemy team frustrated.

Then you have the Lockout Ultra, which prevents all enemies within range from using any abilities at all. The true hero of DedSec is Hijack, however. Being able to hack and take control of enemy barriers, traps, and more is very powerful.


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(Screenshot via

The Season 1 XDefiant Faction of GSK are a bunch of juggernauts. Their Hard Hat passive trait reduces headshot damage, and their ADS ability prevents loads of grenades from working whatsoever on an objective point.

The other ability to use for this Faction in XDefiant Ranked is the Shock Wire. Place it at a chokepoint and traps and zaps your enemies. Lastly, the Flash Shield Ultra makes it incredibly easy to dismantle enemy holds or disrupt a push onto an objective if you're looking to lock down a location.

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