Secrets of Azeroth Day 14 is here and with it comes the end of our long, strange journey. So, let’s finish strong with ‘The Race’!

If you've been away from World of Warcraft lately then you may not have noticed a growing mystery. A new kind of community secret-hunting quest, the Secrets of Azeroth event is running from August 31 to September 13. Each day brings a new mystery, tricky solutions, and the entire community working towards a goal. Today is the WoW Secrets of Azeroth Day 14 where we'll finish out the event, uncover a hidden relic, and complete the quest The Race.

To Tyrhold we go!

Secrets of Azeroth Day 14: The Race around Tyrhold

<em>You'll be heading to Tyrhold to touch some orbs. Erm, to LEGALLY touch some orbs.</em>
You'll be heading to Tyrhold to touch some orbs. Erm, to LEGALLY touch some orbs.

By now you know what to do: Head to the Valdrakken Inn, get your clue for the day, and get going. For Secrets of Azeroth Day 14 and The Race you'll get the clue Ancient Tyrhold Artifact Notes. It reads as follows:


An unnamed artifact (or collection of artifacts) was found by Tyr and other titan keepers around Azeroth long ago.

Tyr focused on one cache in particular, hiding it within Tyr's Hold behind a number of mechanical and magical locks.

In the next few pages we have detailed the information we found about each of the locks Tyr put in place.

The texts do not say what was found, but the writing sounds frightened. Not a good sign coming from a titan keeper! We cannot let Tithris steal the artifact.

Ancient Tyrhold Artifact Notes

Using the Torch of Pyrreth you'll approach the eight Tyrhold statues with orbs, turning them bright red in the process. Here's your waypoints.

  • One: /way #2025 59.9 61.0 Orb 1
  • Two: /way #2025 57.1 64.4 Orb 2
  • Three: /way #2025 57.1 62.9 Orb 3
  • Four: /way #2025 57.9 61.8 Orb 4
  • Five: /way #2025 57.9 60.5 Orb 5
  • Six: /way #2025 58.0 56.9 Orb 6
  • Seven: /way #2025 57.9 56.0 Orb 7
  • Eight: /way #2025 59.8 56.4 Orb 8

Once done, head to the center where the big, molten face is at the forge. If done right the forge will channel a buff upon you that makes all the mobs of Tyrhold friendly.

Picking up the items - Secrets of Azeroth Day 14

Once done, you'll now need to head into the rings within Tyrhold that encircle the inside of the facility. In this circle are rooms with specific items you'll need to reveal with your Idol of Ohn'nara. Here's the list.

Once obtained, you'll need to deposit the items into the four relays. These are housed in temples of light around the campus. We have the waypoints and map locations for you.

  • Pillar 1: /way #2025 59.3 56.8 Titan Power Relay
  • /way #2025 59.5 60.6 Titan Power Relay - Pillar 2
  • Pillar 3: /way #2025 61.0 62.4 Titan Power Relay
  • /way #2025 61.0 55.0 Titan Power Relay - Pillar 4
<em>The Pillars of Light where items must be deposited for Secrets of Azeroth Day 14 - The Race.</em>
The Pillars of Light where items must be deposited for Secrets of Azeroth Day 14 - The Race.

Once done you'll get a new quest, An Ominous Artifact. Good job! And thank you for joining us on this Secrets of Azeroth adventure. Until next time!

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