Blizzard President says no to a WoW pirates expansion cover image

Blizzard President says no to a WoW pirates expansion

Blizzard President Mike Ybarra gave a seemingly definitive answer to the question of a WoW pirates expansion rumor tearing up social media.

It appears that MMORPG fans have water on the brain: First it was Final Fantasy 14 - Dawnsail and its big boats and now its World of Warcraft and more pirate rumors. This all started kicking up a few days ago after a pirate-themed bundle in the WoW shop got fans stirring the pirate pot once more. However, Blizzard President Mike Ybarra gave a seemingly definitive answer to the WoW pirates expansion question.

"No pirates." Shut and closed case, right? Maybe... Or maybe not. After all, rumors of a pirate expansion have been around literally as long as World of Warcraft.

WoW pirates expansion: The Holy Grail?

<em>The new Seafarer's bundle. Credit: Blizzard</em>
The new Seafarer's bundle. Credit: Blizzard

Since the beginning of World of Warcraft almost every single expansion rumor has included pirates, the Great Sea, or the South Seas. And for good reason, as an oceanic-themed release was one of the first rumored DLC for the game. However, a WoW pirates expansion hasn't happened time and again--even if we have seen bits and bobs of it appear.

The prevailing rumors have always been an exploration of the myriad islands that make up the southern hemisphere of Azeroth. And for good reason: The seas are kind of the final frontier when it comes to the world of the World of Warcraft. Venture too far into deep water and you'll eventually die from a 'fatigue' meter running out.

And Google searches on the topic reveal a non stop barrage of heresy and hushed whispers on the subject of a WoW pirates expansion. Probably because, at this point, there's been multiple expansions that feature ideas from that original first rumor. This includes the addition of Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Pandaria, and the Expeditions mode.

And while Blizzard President Mike Ybarra saying 'no pirates' seems definitive, it leaves wiggle room. After all, as Final Fantasy 14 has shown there is some real energy behind players getting their own boat. Blizzard could kill two birds with one stone and offer players their own nautical vessel that could also double as housing. While this is completely conjecture, it doesn't mean its out of the discussion.

After all, Blizzard releasing a dragons premium bundle a year before Dragonflight was announced feels like a clue. just don't say the word 'pirate.'

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