The penultimate Secrets of Azeroth trip will send players to Stormshroud Peak and put together a most curious orb. Ponder that, if you will.

If you've been away from World of Warcraft lately then you may not have noticed a growing mystery. A new kind of community secret-hunting quest, the Secrets of Azeroth event is running from August 31 to September 13. Each day brings a new mystery, tricky solutions, and the entire community working towards a goal. Today is the WoW Secrets of Azeroth Day 13 where we'll start to finish things out with a trip to the WoW area Stormshroud Peak and the quest A Curious Orb!

We hope you like climbing, because that peak is a long, long way up.

WoW Secrets of Azeroth: A Curious Orb and Stormshroud Peak

<em>Stormshroud Peak, is located southeast of Valdrakken, at point 7 on the above map.</em>
Stormshroud Peak, is located southeast of Valdrakken, at point 7 on the above map.

Blah blah, Valdrakken inn, blah blah, pick up quest. You know the drill. Today you'll be heading to the Thaldrazus area Stormshroud Peak for the quest A Curious Orb. If you're wondering where that is, head southeast of the dragon capital and southwest from Tyrhold. Inside three of the caves at this peak are tablets you must reveal with your Torch of Pyrreth, which in turn allow you to click on three mounds of dirty. It turn, these pieces will form our 'Curious Orb', the Orb of Rathmus, which you will turn in back at the inn.

The waypoints for the caves, along with each orb:

  • Cave 1: /way #2025 50.2 81.0 Tablet 1
    /way #2025 49.5 79.7 Orb 1
  • Cave 2: /way #2025 46.6 77.6 Tablet 2
    /way #2025 45.9 79.7 Orb 2
  • Cave 3: /way #2025 48.7 76.4 Tablet 3
    /way #2025 50.2 78.0 Orb 3

Easy! Join is tomorrow for the final Secrets of Azeroth treasure hunt! Where will we go for the final day? Only a dog in a detective hat knows for sure!

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