The Secrets of Azeroth Day 12 quest is here and we have one question: “What are some great places to visit in Valdrakken?” Let’s look!

If you've been away from World of Warcraft lately then you may not have noticed a growing mystery. A new kind of community secret-hunting quest, the Secrets of Azeroth event is running from August 31 to September 13. Each day brings a new mystery, tricky solutions, and the entire community working towards a goal. Today is the WoW Secrets of Azeroth Day 12 and with it comes new secrets and a grand tour of the Thaldrazus capital thanks to the guidebook Great Places to Visit in Valdrakken!

We'll tell you where to all the waypoints in order to find the best places to visit in Valdrakken, all without the hassle!

Editor's note: As of this morning this quest, titled 'Under Suspicion', was bugged. A hotfix is on the way so your mileage may vary on finishing it at the moment.

Secrets of Azeroth Day 12: Great places to visit in Valdrakken?

You know what to do to kick off Secrets of Azeroth Day 12. Head to the Valdrakken inn, get your clue. In the case of today you get a guide book titled Great Places to Visit in Valdrakken. Using this book and your puzzle-solving Idol you'll complete the objectives for each stop, with the final stop having its own quest at the inn.

  • /way #2112 44.2 60.4 AH Bill of Sale
    The Valdrakken fountain is such a pretty spot to visit as you leave the Seat of the Aspects.
  • /way #2112 74.0 57.5 Void Storage Receipt
    They're doing such a great job restoring the titan statue on the eastern edge of the city.
  • /way #2112 53.0 28.5 Garden Supply Receipt
    A true highlight of Valdrakken is visiting the Ruby Feast and trying their tea.
  • /way #2112 37.6 37.2 Researchers Note
    Make sure to attend an enchanter candlelit story reading in the Sapphire Enclave.
  • /way #2112 31.6 70.3 Hastily Scrawled Note Head to the Roasted Ram Inn
    Did you know that they have a SANDBOX and a swing at the Little Scales Daycare? You should definitely check it out.
  • /bow before the Odd Statue to reach the Dragon's Hoard downstairs
    You must visit the Dragon's Hoard bar. I have to BOW before whoever made that statue! But don't IDOL too long since you want to get USE to the interior.
  • /way #2112 46.0 41.4 Note to Kritha

Congrat on seeing all the great places to visit in Valdrakken! And that's it for Secrets of Azeroth Day 12! One more day to go.

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