WoW Secrets of Azeroth solution 7: Azim, Shifting Sands cover image

WoW Secrets of Azeroth solution 7: Azim, Shifting Sands

Does the seventh Secrets of Azeroth event have you confused? Let us solve this WoW puzzle of Azim and the Shifting Sands for you!

If you've been away from World of Warcraft lately then you may not have noticed a growing mystery. A new kind of community secret-hunting quest, the Secrets of Azeroth event is running from August 31 to September 13. Each day brings a new mystery, tricky solutions, and the entire community working towards a goal. Today is day seven and with it comes new secrets to WoW, including Azim and the Shifting Sands clue!

In addition to solving the secret we'll also give you the Satchel location for the day, while also explaining what Azim has to do with this WoW secret excursion! Let's go!

WoW Secrets of Azeroth Solution 7: Shifting Sands and Azim

Start your days seven Shifting Sands quest in WoW by heading to the Valdrakken inn and speaking with Preservationist Kathos. Here reads the clue:

The Idol of Ohn'ahra has interesting properties. I believe it can help recover another object I've been seeking.

Take it south of Azim in the Shifting Sands and use it to search for fragments of the Time-Lost Tablet.

If fortune favors us, you will find all its pieces and make it whole.

Azim is the WoW flightmaster at the Shifting Sands location, up on the floating platform. However, the direction of heading 'south' of him is a bit of a misnomer. Players and community helpers note that the fragment pieces you're looking for are actually all over the area--including north of Azim. Likewise, when it comes to the Shifting Sands area make sure you're not overlapping and accidentally doing the world quest of a similar nature.

The next step while out in the Bronze Dragonflight location is, as mentioned, to find three Time-Lost Fragments using the Idol of Ohn'ahra. The waypoints include:

  • /way 58.51 78.43; 58.79 78.24; 59.30 78.82

Combine your three pieces while using the Idol, then take the tablet back to Valdrakken to finish the quest.

Where is the seventh Community Satchel in the Secrets of Azeroth event?

<em>A screenshot of the satchel, out in the Azure Span.</em>
A screenshot of the satchel, out in the Azure Span.

In addition to the Shifting Sands and Azim related hint, WoW also has secrets strewn about in the form of Community Satchels. For the seventh package you'll head out to the western part of Azure Span. Using the toy Torch of Pyrreth, you can melt the snowmen at the following waypoint:

  • /way #2024 25.2 71.4

We've included a screenshot of the location below. Happy hunting!

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